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tree with maple leaves
tree with maple leaves
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The fields of fall represent change. Truly the most beautiful time of the year to take a hike along the trail.

There’s something so powerful to bring emused in the colors of the changing leafs. The sights and sounds of the busy animals hard at work. Moving from place to place preparing for the long winter ahead.

It’s the phase of the year where all of the growing and teaching now gives way to the hard work and action in preparation for the colder months a head.

Whether you find yourself in the field on a early season hunting adventure or an epic fall hike. It’s important to take a moment to see nature at work.

Because autumn in its glory is show you the process in which every living thing operates. Mother Nature is also showing you her proving ground.

Because in the months ahead her inhabitants will have truly earned their existence. Through a long winters training with cold and snowy blankets that soon will cover the ground.

The same holds true for us. The principals of the scene I just laid out for you. Walking along one of my favorite trails recently. While looking for signs of deer.

I found this giant oak tree to sit under and reflect. While her leaves displayed the most amazing canopy of burnt red and orange leaves.

I got lost in these thoughts about just how the changing of life’s seasons really effect us. Where one day we at one stage and all to quickly we find ourselves blown into another.

Just how underneath the changes things transition so smoothly, if we would just allow them to. Yet we often fight them shifts. For whatever reason. Maybe it’s just don’t want to let go. Just like how the tree struggles to hold on it’s dying leaves.

Yet the tree knows it’s leaf’s will do it no good in the winter. When nourishment is at it lowest levels. Still the leafs are a part of it. So it’s hard to let go.

I feel like that holds true for us too. Even though we can the changes happening around us, or maybe we are even being shoved down a path against our will.

photo of squirrel
Photo by Daniel Absi on

Ether way our soul can feel those current layers won’t serve us well in the next season. We fight the removal because we don’t want to let go. Since because those leafs are a part of us in the moment.

Yet just the same as the tree, we have no choice. We just let those leafs fall. Allowing ourselves to grow on the inside in preparation for the new ones that will grow in the old ones place.

See Mother Nature know the out line, the way it’s supposed to go. She know where you are going, even though you don’t. Her role is feed and encourage you along. Along journey that had a start and will one day have an end.

That’s just process because just like my favorite trail, it’s to starts and ends. It’s filled with ups and downs. The descents draw you down with haste. While the heights challenge you to climb.

Nature keeps her trails dusty into order to shroud her Beauty. The same way you have walk through life to find it’s truly beautiful moments that held within.

All of those grip and grins could never be made without determination and strength from within. All of which are built during that hard winter training. That the transitioning of seasons brings.

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