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Wild meditation

a person sitting on wooden planks across the lake scenery
a person sitting on wooden planks across the lake scenery
Photo by S Migaj on

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Meditation in the wild can be one of the most solid ways to build you practice. Just the surroundings self-serve as an invitation to tap in the stillness and peace. Whether it’s sitting along the riverbank just watching the current flow, or sitting up against a tree has the grass rustles in the wind. There’s nothing more calming. Than Mother Nature herself

Connecting to a world where the hours of the clock have no value to the matter at hand. There is not hustle or bustle, no deadlines to meet, or task that must be complete.

In seeing and feeling nature in all its forms and freedoms how can you help but not get lost within its beauty, it’s sheer power.

No matter where you are nature is just a footstep or two away from you at any given moment. Along the riverbank is where I am sitting writing this at this very moment. Which is only fitting because it’s out here where it all came to me.

It was just a few years ago for me when nature truly exposed me to her gifts. It’s still difficult to think that it’s been that long. Yet that’s the truth, and to reflect upon how far I am come on this journey. One that I surrendered and begun to allow natural to lead.

Still it’s here sitting on this same rock where nature showed me there was so much more to life than to dwell in its darkness. And this is my hope for you as well. That by walking into her safe hands you too can feel the her pull to help you move along and further the distance between those wounds and yourself.

Give it a try, go out just the intention of just to be and connect with the land. It will build into the meditation that will fuel your progress.

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