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245. The story fire From one generation to the next the art of storytelling has been passed down. Each one is shaped with lessons and reason.   Where we came from our purpose for being here shaped the stories that elders would tell those who gathered around the campfire.   This amazing art form was used to help the goalsContinue reading “245. The story fire”


243. Page Park on the beauty with songs of grief Well, and you are you can only make the music that you can make. Nobody else can do that for you. And it takes all of us making our own music to make a diverse community in a diverse world. And so by singing your song like Cloud did, even though it was sad. 1s YouContinue reading “243. Page Park on the beauty with songs of grief”

242.The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar on Connecting with nature to find inspiration What most of us don’t understand is the influence that spirituality has on our everyday lives. Especially those who believe they have cast aside their subscription to any of these spiritual teachings and practices. However, spirituality is not just “conversations” with some deity figure, it’s so much more. Whether discussing the constant connection weContinue reading “242.The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar on Connecting with nature to find inspiration”

241.Desiree Argentina on understanding fear Fear is something we face all of the time. Which makes it so important to understand and build a healthy relationship with it. This is what makes this conversation with Desiree Argentina such a relevant one. Des’s background Growing up as a multi-passionate person, I was always interested in a lot of different things.Continue reading “241.Desiree Argentina on understanding fear”

Breaking camp and moving forward down the trail

It’s a very bitter sweet sort of space I am finding myself as I write this fine post here on wordpress. One that felt no eye catching image could really capture. As this is the final post from camp as I knew it. But it’s not the end of Project Mindfully Outdoors my any means.Continue reading “Breaking camp and moving forward down the trail”