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301 Are you a lover of life? When we have to walk the trail of pain and failure, we want to place the blame everywhere else and build a story around it in order to protect ourselves, because it’s just simple. Yet the easiest road blocks us from the ability to let things go. It builds the rock that gets thrownContinue reading “301 Are you a lover of life?”

299. Amanda Kate on Kinesiology Kinesiology amalgamates Eastern wisdom with Western science to facilitate energetic shifts that allow your body to heal itself from the inside out. Kinesiology works to release accumulated stresses from the body, expanding your awareness, removing limitations and propelling you forwards, allowing you to live your full expression of expansive vitality. Kinesiology is a non-invasive,Continue reading “299. Amanda Kate on Kinesiology”

297.The time is now  Sipping that cup of coffee around the final fire of this excursion, your mind begins to fill itself with ideas of procrastination. Because you know that once you set forth to completing the task that’s involved in breaking camp, you’ll be one step closer to turning to the mundane tasks that await you backContinue reading “297.The time is now”

293 Johnathan Drayton on uncovering our faith If you are looking for tools to help enhance who you are, this is the campfire for you. Join Mike and his guest Johnathan Drayton as they explore using faith s a guide. About Johnathan  Triple majored in college: Philosophy, History, and Political Science. Love Jesus. I Love to unpack the word of GodContinue reading “293 Johnathan Drayton on uncovering our faith”