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Over time it will quite down

If you live life long enough, your going to lose something. It’s a heavy truth. We all gain things we come to truly treasure in our life. Then one day whatever it is will just be gone.

In the wake of the disappearance your left zap of your confidence and questioning everything about what your doing.

Facing the lowest of lows, depression sets in. However, you should know that real opportunity is at your fingertips.

While the grieving process may have you feeling like shutting out the whole world. Not wanting to speak or see anyone. When you fall into this sort of funk, words and company offer no reprieve from the misery hanging in your heart.

Your replaying everything over and over in your mind. Asking yourself why, why did this happen to me?

It’s those very questions that can provide the rope to pull you back to shore.

Since after all you have to question yourself, you gotta challenge all those stories that are holding you down. It’s the only way to get your back on the path of living my friend.

Trust in the process as well as yourself. Listen to the words that come out and remember that over time the pain that is built into the narrative now. Over time it will quite down.


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