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A touch of grace

Episode 136

It’s been a couple an interesting couple of weeks around camp to say the lest. I would have to say growth has been the one word that would best define it.

Yet none of that growth happens without its own struggles. Which is what as made the past few weeks just so outright crazy.

I mean, if I was to use this project for example. There as been all of this wild growth and change in such a short amount of time. Things went from, questioning what and why I was even doing this for? Because it really started to feel very daunting, and I was losing the motivation.

One night durning meditation I came to this realization and understanding that I set goals much higher that I hadn’t reached yet. Even though tho this project is a labor of love, that I put so much into, it dose of course come with personal aspect. There are a lot of personal factors that drive my work.

The one at the foreground being over set these personal goals and things I want to achieve. Which led me to this understanding, that the lack luster space I was in, could only be changed by doing more with the project.

That caused me to take the leap to moving into the daily format that our podcast has moved into, along with the daily blog and articles over on the website.

Which getting into the routine of as brought it’s own interesting set of challenges. That’s also something that ties into my personal life as well.

I have these goals and things I’m working on which each bring their own set of unique challenges and moments. One of the really interesting aspects of these kind of processes is how we respond and interpret them.

Now as we walk this trail of self stewardship it can get tricky and we are going to have moments where we put our foot in mouth. Which is what I really tried to set the stage for today.

The power of growth in your pocket

While there is so much we can gain and apply to our journey from science, and those that came before us. The story that we lead is uniquely our own. It comes with moments that as we live them we lack a reference point in which to draw back on.

Those moments you just gotta live and comprehend. Where the words or reaction to the situation going on around us just slip out tongue or feel foreign to us. While they can be some of the best points in our story.

It’s the attempt to convey and share that event with someone,that can leave us at a loss for the right words. While leaves us at risk of putting our foot in our mouth.

It’s moments like these that can leave us wanting to kick ourselves, wishing we could replay that moment. So we could chose better words. Even though we know we never can.

So, we find ourselves in this defensive space over the big ol foot in our mouths. Feeling as though the word selection or action we wound up using just unhinged everything that led up to the experience, we where trying to share in the first place. It can bring on this urge to fight back against the response, that our poorly chosen words brought our way.

However the truth is, the instinct that makes us thing we have to fight for the ground we fear we are losing, is only coming from the story we are telling ourselves. Getting that response can leave us feeling uncomfortable, scared, not knowing how to react. Because after all we are facing this sort of response because we didn’t know how express the experience we just lived.

By offering ourselves that grace we can remove that judgment, and urge to feed the conflict. This allows you to look outside the box, and understand things a little better. More times than not when your living one of those moments that catches you off guard, it’s catching the other person of guard as well. Which leaves you both vulnerable and that’s a difficult place for any of us to be.

However, the Stewart that we are grow inside of us, knows how to interpret this current moment, and conserve the grown on which you stand. The Stewart’s urge is to provide a clear and special grace for the moment.

Perhaps the fact you had the opportunity to live that moment, in your mind it then because one of those grip and grin moments. Of course just like a photo you want to share it. Which is ok.

What happens however, once you have validated that moment, it now becomes a page in the story. This causes us to have address things write. While there is no right or wrong in sharing, that other party may not be ready to involved in your photo.

For whatever their reason. It’s that reason or the words you that will trigger a defensive based response. Your inter Stewart knows this and it’s now your task to be mindful of that. Just because you get that backlash you haven’t fallen down the hill. The only way you fall down that hill is by destroying that safe space within the relationship.

Understand this, that no response or anything said, will be able to take away the pride you have for being pulled into that moment. Because all the events leading up it, including that moment have already happened.

That means any sort of connection or progress that was made to lead to that moment, won’t be come unraveled that simply. The expression that brought your foot into your mouth, it may cause a bump in the road. Which will smooth it’s self out in time.

The Stewart inside is much wiser than you can see in any given moment. When you find yourself in a moment like this, allow the Stewart to bring that grace to the situation.


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