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Look at it this way

Knowledge and skills always come from the fields of life’s experience. Some of these experiences and grand and glorious ones. While others come in the form of setbacks and pain.

Throughout history the wise have always worked to honor the experience of existence. By seeking out the lessons with each event, no matter how large or small. The same still holds true to this very day.

From the days of oldest ancestors all the way to this very day, some the most powerful moments spent under the tree is spent under the shadow of pain.

These outright awful situations we face in life bring with them a decision. It’s one we each have to make. Do we allow ourselves to drift in despair? By seeing these setbacks and loses has a tragedy.

Or do we view them for what they truly are? An opportunity to see that the course we were on is the one that is meant for us. Thus encouraging us to take a look at ourselves and the wisdom that lays underneath the pain.

Teaching us another lesson. While helping us to shed another and move one step closer to the best version of who we are.


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