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Remember the Alamo

white concrete building with flag of us a

There is a special kind of bravery to hold true hold your ground, when your message is contested. No matter what you look like on the other side.

So often we condor up a message or a cause in life’s that really get behind, because it embodies who we are at the core. Only to back down or drift away from it when things get difficult. It’s as if we fear the way the outcome is going to change us.

Fear is only an impulse that is hardwired into us, to keep us alive. If fear isn’t whispering in your ear along the way, then you very well better check your pulse. Because it’s that little voice that makes you plan and reevaluate that plan. The most successful plans through out history are the ones that are double checked, and checked again after that.

As for that second factor change. It’s happening every second of everyday. As earth is spinning and, air enters then exits your lungs. You can not escape the change that’s happening to you.

The only thing you can do is embrace it and make it yours. One of my favorite stories about not only holding on to a message so believed in, but also seeing it through no matter what the change would become. Is that of the Alamo and ultimately the death of Dave’s Crockett.

Durning the war between Mexico and the republic of Texas. General Santa Ann stood poised with his army to retake the Alamo. Where inside a group of brave men led by Dave’s Crockett stood out manned, ready to fight to until their death for something they believed so strongly.

On the morning of March 6th 1863 the assault began. As things were backing down all around him and Dave’s Crockett was staring down a group of would be killers. Knowing this moment would change him forever he drew upon the bravely within that message, and until his last.

When the dust cleared Crocketts body was said to be found underneath a pile of would be killers. Only finally succumbing when he could no longer remove his knife from the body of an attacker.

As he lay on the ground both life and message running from body, the change for Davy Crockett was to go from the living to a legend no longer with us.

While more most of us the stacks at play to see our message through, will never involve staring down an army of would be assailants. Davy Crocketts legacy serve and example of how the voice of fear can call us to bravery to reach the places we need to go.

By embracing both the field and the change that your mission leads you to.


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