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Reeling in purpose with Cam Steele

Welcome back to camp. First things first I have to apologize for the sudden break. To be completely honest with you. The reason for the snap decision to for me to that break. Came about because I fell into that pit of just plan burnout.

Which is something that I plan to really explore and share with you in the coming weeks.

Mike Martin on the Faith and Fishin’ Podcast

Still thought just to label it for what just what it was is kind of ironic. Became the past few weeks have been more of a work based vacation.

I think it was really just taking the weight of the pressure of a daily podcast off my shoulders for a few weeks. Turned out to be the best option for me creatively and mentally.

What I found is that I had a lot of other creative ideas that just boiling over. Which I needed time to focus on. During the break I also got to learn new ways to present things and I even wrote a series of guided meditations .

If you’ve visited recently then you have seen the special offer I put together around this book. Which is called Understand conservation of self. And if you haven’t had the chance swinger over to the website and check that out.

Now if you have followed the show then you know, I battle social anxiety and hosting a podcast provides me with the unique way of working on that battle.

Say mentioned that because during the break I have not stopped reaching out and making new connections. Both in the outdoor space and outside of it.

Which sets up our return episode perfectly. Because a little while back when I was doing research into finding new guest I came across someone very special.

By bringing him off of the water and into camp for this conversation. I felt would give this perspective that could be live changing.

My guest Cam Steele of the Faith and Fishing podcast. He also fills the of Chaplin on the Central Carolina Kayak Tournament.

What makes me venter to say that the conversation Cam and I recorded just might be life changing, is because we just riff on this idea of purpose.

Which I truly feel is so eye opening to listen to two fishermen walk through this conversation. Is the fact that in every moment of live we are casting our line into the water. Just hoping to reel in the truly meaning of purpose in our story.

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