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What is stewardship and why it works

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Episode 122

To be a steward of the land really works hand n hand with being a steward of one’s self. One of the core aspects to both is decision making. But it’s not just making a move or choice just for the sake of doing so. Because the effects of those decisions have long lasting effects not only upon one’s self but also the world around us.

Which is why those few split seconds between stimuli and response are so important. Now while immediate response is something that can be struggle to control. It’s important to learn to ask your the same questions that ask your when you making a long term plan.

How much fact based information do you really about the subject, and if you act with the very first impulse that comes to mind, what agency is serving and what the long term effect will it have. If your acting without all the proper information, will that response run the risk of causing a set back.

Sometimes to pull up the rains and guide yourself into a sort of research or fact finding position can be difficult in the moment. We are all impulse based, and instant gratification that comes from acting within the moment cuz like second nature to us, many times it can feel so strong that to give into these urges can knock us right off our original course.

Like for example the marshmallow idea… that by waiting we there will be two marshmallows given to us when the wait is over, and then someone places a single marshmallow in front us, and tells us go ahead you can have the single marshmallow right now! But comes at the cost of the receiving those two original marshmallows we were promised if we just wait. The instant gratification of taking the one right that moment is so temping it’s hard to remind ourself of the original object to wait and receive double the marshmallows.

To travel back to the days when Buffalo where so abundant and the practice of hid hunting was in its hay day. Because evolution had taught us all the benefits, ways that we could enhance our situation by making use of the animals on the land.

What did not come along with that knowledge was the impact that excessive over harvesting would bring. One can only believe that in the back of their minds they may had given the effects some thought, however in the moment with their eyes they simply saw another one come along to replace the one they just killed. This proved to be sol marshmallow for them, they didn’t fully understand the impact of their actions. Until there came a time of returning year after year to hunt same Hurd. That is until the Hurd they were after just finally stopped showing up. Because they were gone, wipe out.

Without a proper understanding they had wipe away the herds they had grown to depend on, caught up in the instant satisfaction and need that kept them pressing the herds. Had all those years ago they had understood the way we as conservationist we do now, they to perhaps would have understood to wait for the second marshmallow was the better option, thus enacted limits upon their actions.

This is where life gives each of that same choice and it’s so important to learn and understand the objective and the elements that are at play. A percent pace down the path is the one we need within this life. So take time to get in touch and learn about your surrounding and hold on to them, when instant satisfaction pops up, so you don’t find yourself grasping to the remains of a precious resource you almost hunted into extinction.

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