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As I continue walking these pages of having to really reflect upon living that powerful quote. The one that I’ve recited word, for, word each for months. That very line that Marcus Aurelius reminded himself in Meditations.

“Where a man can live, he can live well.”

I have these moments where following the meditation I spend on a subject I tend to be having these wow, you have made a change kind of moments.

On of those moments happened just the other, when I had the privilege and, honor of recording an up coming appear for the Ultimate Life podcast.

The seed had sprouted was planned a few months back, when I had very first conversation with Kellan Fluckiger. Durning our conversation he challenged me to do this deep leave of forgiveness. After we ended the call, I kind of just brushed it off without much thought.

That was until we were half way though recording this interview, when Kellan hit me with a question that hit out of left field. While the response just rolled right off my tongue. Once it came out, it quickly because this “did I just say that, and honestly believe it, and feel that ok with saying that??”

After reflecting on that response I did realize that what came was authentic, but I was also truly comfortable with it being true. It was that medication session that inspired this.

When educated and thought out decisions meets action equals a change in mindset, which is good stewardship of one’s self. This about mindset is that not only effects how you view the world, but also the Energy that putout into the world, and forgiveness plays a major role in your mindset.

We all carry linger effects of wrongs that have caused by someone or guilt over kind of wrong we have done to another. Really the circle just spins around, and around. Filling our pack back with trauma and shame, which makes it easier and easier to blame whoever for how we feel and where we are currently at. While yes the feelings you experience are value, and belong to you

However if you are to ever break the cycle you have to pass the wheel to that inter Stewart and walk the path of forgiveness. The story that Kellan Fluckiger shared with me a few months back, was about his dog. Who was injured as a puppy while horse playing. This dog spent his whole life walking with a limp, yet instead of holding a grudge against Kellan. This dog spent every day of its life making the best of each day. Even with his limp he lived his days in the moment that was given.

Still living in with this emotional limp over what I had endured Kallens story really hit home. Over many months on a subconscious level that conservation work was happening within me.

It’s interesting sitting here reflecting upon this idea and feeling just how different my mindset is now. Where for so long it was this view of “well so n so did this, or we’ll that happened, or even well that person is gone so”, just all around feeling the victim of something as only a chapter or obstacle within the story.

It’s the idea of the life story that became so important to fully understand. You see when you read a book once you finish a page, you turn the page to read what’s next. While you remember what was written on the page you just finished, that page is gone. All that remains is the way you chose to remember what you just read.

You’ll never read those words with the same meaning to you. Just like in life. Once you’ve that moment or stage of life you’ll get it back, or life it the same again. There are countless passages written by so many wise stoic minds that talk about how a moment one lived, is then handed over to death.

Which means if your carrying pain and hurt because someone hurt you, that to can be handed over to death. The person that caused you to feel vexed or left you with that trauma, well the character that person played in that chapter of story is laying in the hands of death as well. To make the choice allows you a place to release the burden of those trauma.

This is how I have found myself where I am at within my current chapter with a pen filled with peace to write the pages.


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