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The only way to win is to play the game

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Here’s a common scenario that plays out many times throughout any given season. You just spent to the entire day in the field only to return to the truck empty handed.

To a lot of us that’s the kind of day that gets chalked up in the loss column. For a handful of people that word keeps them up at night.

Instead of a restful night of sleep. They spend the night spinning their wheels how they can prevent chalking up anything to failure.

The fear of failing can go so powerful in fact that it prevents them from ever hitting the field in the first place.

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While of course we always strive for success no matter what we are doing. Whether it’s in the field or any walk of life. Still all those stories we build around the failure just sort of bind up us. They keep us sitting in safety of the surrounds we have already mastered.

While that feeling of mastery gives us this sense of confidence. It also makes us close our eyes to wealth of knowledge that is hanging on the tree of adventure.

We are always aware of that tree and we always feel the temptation to explore it. i feel like this is where the challenge lays. Dialing in the perfect mix of mastery and walking that line of coming up short.

I say coming up short because failure only truly comes with the effort. In staying locked up behind that door of fear your missing out on so much.

When your struggling to open that door because of the risk of failure. Think about this fact that everyone who has ever been inducted in any hall of fame as failed more time than they hit.

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So why the success is the goal. You can’t truly achieve those goals without those empty handed walks back to truck.

Each time you have take empty handed walk you learned something. You got to experience something that is going to help you move one step closer to that win of a lifetime.


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