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There are just a few great places to turn

  1. Walking the trails of healing
  2. Marcus Aurelius
  3. Daniel Boone
  4. Harry Yount
  5. Holt Collier
  6. Wrap up
  7. Episode Starter guide

Walking the trails of healing

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This is journey that will lead inward. The trials of exploring will lead to taking a deep look within. But also on the Contrary it will also drive you look in every direction for the insight must seek as well.

Quickly it become clear that both of these lenses are equally important. You can not have one with the other. While the later will provide new questions and ways to understand what lays underneath the surface.

In today’s world it’s very easy to fall into the pitfalls of having your worth told to you by keeping your surrounds so narrow. Perhaps that’s what brought you to the trail in the first place. It is important to build a clean and clear dojo. A space in which you can explore and discover.

There’s no better place to sort out area from which to draw from than at the trailhead. When your standing there and looking back at your history that lead you here. Your uncovering the practice that could be the most power of actions.

By reaching into your past to find patterns. It offers you the chance to reach beyond yourself. You have found the ability to reach into the pages of history.

Those pages that have been passed down over time was where the pillars and benchmarks for my journey were found.

While there are so many names and stories that come to mind. I would like to introduce you to just a few of those figures. In hope of opening the door to conversations that maybe be of help to you.

Marcus Aurelius

It was the philosopher king Marcus Aurelius that has had the largest footprint on my journey. It’s been the power of change in mindset. That I am most grateful for from his teachings.

The author of a book that was not written with intent of becoming a book. Meditations is a collection of his personal journals. It’s fascinating to read and understand his line of thinking.

What really spoke to me about this work is really something we can all relate to. It’s how Marcus the most powerful man in the world at his time often struggled with the same-things we do today.

While dealing with things that changed the world such has plagues, Constant wars. Yet behind the scenes it was depression, anxiety, and anger that he battled in his alone time.

Yet for all that power and inner turmoil Marcus never that those things corrupt is character. In fact when he first learned of his road to the throne. Marcus weeped not of joy, but of fear. A fear he would fall short. Until the infamous count of that dream came to him.

That one in which he dreamed he had shoulders of ivory as he dawned the purple.

A lifetime filled with obstacles and loss this man had to endure. Was the one that taught him so well. Ultimately produced one history’s most amazing leaders or men to ever stand upon it.

Daniel Boone

When the name Daniel Boone is mentioned the first that comes to mind, is the romantic aspect of his life we all know. That is the Daniel Boone who played a pivotal role in the taming of the frontier.

That’s because without everything Daniel did our world just might look much different than how we know it today. From the crossing of the Cumberland gap, to the countless long hunts and scrimmages with Swannies Native American tribe. All the way to the role in the founding of Kentucky and many more territories of the west.

It was the final years of his life that paint a whole different side of him. The final years of his life when Daniel’s life was winding down that he really put his stamp on the model of how to live life.

Harry Yount

Harry Yount could consider a father of the boots on the ground aspect of conservation. Being named the first game keeper of Yellowstone National Park in 1880.

He was tasked with controlling the poaching and vandalism within the park. Younts peak at the head of the Yellowstone river and even had an award given to outstanding park rangers named after him.

While little is known about his early life. Born in 1839 Harry would go on to leave his mark upon history while wearing many different hats. From soldier to game keeper. As a renowned hunter and trapper his life was lived upon the land.

“Rocky Mountain Harry Yount lived by a principal and code of the land. That would go on to lead the way to the way we conduct ourselves in the outdoor space today.

Holt Collier

Even though most of the details of Holt Colliers life is lost to pages of time. It’s the stories that have survived that make him such a powerful figure.

Holt not only holds a special place at camp for his outdoor achievements, but also for his character. He was born a slave in 1848. As a part of the third generation born to the Plum Ridge Plantation Holt was the property of General Thomas Hinds.

Durning is time under General Hinds he was loyal and always learned him right into the civil war. During which he fought for the confederate army.

However it’s the way this distinguished gentleman conducted himself as a hunting guide that would forever enshrine him. While guiding President Teddy Roosevelt. He put on one of the most elaborate acts imaginable.

While working a bear hunt. Holt processed to lasso a bear and tied it to tree for Mr. Roosevelt. Who intern did not shoot the bear. But instead coined the phase “teddy bear”.

Which became the nickname Holt would become known by.

Wrap up

group of friends sitting in front of fire pit
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No Matter where you look throughout history you will find a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration. There are just a few wonderful figures to open the door for your quest. Based on the idea of finding the people you can study and learn from. By doing so it provides you with someone you can measure your progress against. As Senica remarked you have to find yourself a Cato.

In doing so you will find the journey and progress you make will have a much clearer direction. Along with looking back into the history books. I invite you to check out the Project Mindfully Outdoors podcast.

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