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The voice must lead you

grand canyon

Listen you have it’s only natural to face moments where it feels like you just can’t go on. You gotta understand and except that it’s going to happen. You can’t just beat yourself up over. Maybe you have just laid down and let the boulders roll right over you crushing you under the weight of their pressure. But that was then, and this is now. You have learned that you just can’t accept laying down any longer.

So what do you do? How do you change such a behavior? One that used to have control over how you reacted to situations when they arose.

Start with just saying no. Tell yourself that you lay down, and the hold yourself which in the grace of your decision. Draw upon the power that lays within your breath work, no matter what level your at. When your staring that boiler dead on, but your not backing down. Because you now you know the stakes are to high. Turn into your self talk, because deep down inside you know you are your greatest ally. So that means the motivating words are already ringing through you ears. Whispering to you just how strong you are, you got this. Turn up volume of that whisper, let it become an all mighty roar, make it a battle cry.

As that inter voice bellows out that roar so loud it makes the mountains shake allow it to be come your General. Just as Leonidas lead those brave Spartans into a battle against the all mighty Persians. His voice calmed the hidden fears of his men. It was his voice that they rallied around They even held their ground fending off the their intimidating foes. Until ultimately those 300 where finally out flanked. Even with death staring them in the face each man stood strong and tall. Empowered by the voice they heard each one channeled their virtue and met the wall of soldiers baring down. The voice of Leonidas lead them beyond their fear so strongly, that even after he fell the remaining Spartans fought until their for the body that their guidance had come from.

This is a beautiful representation of the voice that walks with you along the trails of life. But it can be heard if you focus in upon it and allow it to grow. Now we understand what we can expect of ourselves. The mission at hand is practice, befriend the breath, while that whisper of a voice grows until it shakes mountains all around us. In time those three simple words “you got this” will become your sword you will wield to crave your way through those boules that you used allow to roll you down. Become just mere pebbles you cast into the lakes that decorate the story of your life.

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