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Mindfulness meditation practice leads to so many benefits

Many studies show that a regular mindfulness meditation practice leads to so many benefits. Here are a few (…). However, it is on an emotional level that I see the most benefits from living a mindful life. It is also the area where students tell me they experience the greatest and most noticeable changes.

Celebration of Fall

I want to thank you for being a part of this growing community, and I wish you a happy and safe fall celebration. It’s been a privilege and honor to walk this journey with you. Here’s to the footprints that are now behind us and the ones we have to walk yet. Until next time we connect – Get Out There In The Wild,Because That Is Where The Stillness And Adventure Lays ! – Mike Martin

The tool that gets you out in the field

Most states offer an interactive map on their states game and fish website. Another basic tool you can look at is Google Earth. However over the past few years a few good navigation apps geared for hunters have popped up. With OnX hunting being the industry leader of the pack.

Circle Celebration

The four points on a compass there are of course four directions. These directions of course indicate which direction we are walking. Which makes the compass such a brilliant aid along our journey. Since our goal is to find our true north and walk that trail to unlock all of life’s true treasures fate has laid out for us.