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Kyle Gillette on Unlocking leadership strengths thought self awareness

Episode 235 opened with a special call to action. One that sets the tone for the whole month of November around camp. With a special look at why building a mindset of gratitude is so important.

We also talked about Mike’s newest projects. The Letters from camp series of guided meditations and the Patreon group the Campfire Circle. The meet of this episode is a conversation with Kyle


Wayne Atlman on the power of Binaural Beats

Wayne Altman is an entrepreneur and founder of Melody Clouds. After suffering from
tinnitus and looking for a relief to all the noise he kept experiencing as a result of this
illness, Wayne became aware of binaural beats in 2018.

Rich Lewis on the power of silent prayer

Silence and silent prayer are counter-cultural. They are very challenging to cultivate because everything in our culture seems to point in another direction. Yet, surprisingly, it is in silence that he has has found profound transformation. And that is the motivation for writing this book. He wants to share what he has discovered.

Colin Thompson

Colin C. Thompson, is the founder of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai), a company focused on business consulting, coaching, and training.  Colin has been coaching since 2016 and holds a coaching certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  As a result of his coaching services, individuals, teams, and organizations have developed and enhanced their work and leadership skills essential for success in both personal and professional environments.

Celebration of Fall

I want to thank you for being a part of this growing community, and I wish you a happy and safe fall celebration. It’s been a privilege and honor to walk this journey with you. Here’s to the footprints that are now behind us and the ones we have to walk yet. Until next time we connect – Get Out There In The Wild,Because That Is Where The Stillness And Adventure Lays ! – Mike Martin

Carew Papritz on legacy and outdoor living

Carew Papritz, also known as The Cowboy Philosopher, is the author of the multi-award winning book The Legacy Letters. Though fictional, The Legacy Letters has won acclaim as a life lessons book for all generations, gaining the distinction of being the only book in publishing history to win awards in both fiction and non-fiction categories. A Renaissance Man in an age that lauds the specialist, The Huffington Post says Papritz “intrigues and enlightens, charms and catalyzes change for every reader.”

Heather Hutchinson on yes there is a reason to carry on

Blind since birth, music was an integral part of Hutchison’s world from a young age. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, she spent much time in her early years making up melodies and figuring out songs by ear on the piano. She was exposed to a diverse array of artists from her parents’ music collection such as Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, and Burton Cummings. She cites later musical influences including Sara Bareilles, Eva Cassidy, Donovan Woods, and City and Colour. Since her completion of a diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Voice in Vancouver, British Columbia, she has grown to incorporate some elements of jazz into her music. Latin influences are also evident in newer material, a product of time spent living in South America.

Reeling in purpose with Cam Steele

Which sets up our return episode perfectly. Because a little while back when I was doing research into finding new guest I came across someone very special. By bringing him off of the water and into camp for this conversation. I felt it would give this perspective that could be life changing. Which is why I’m so proud to have Cam Steel on the podcast.

The voice must lead you

Listen you have it’s only natural to face moments where it feels like you just can’t go on. You gotta understand and except that it’s going to happen. You can’t just beat yourself up over. Maybe you have just laid down and let the boulders roll right over you crushing you under the weight of their pressure. But that was then, and this is now. You have learned that you just can’t accept laying down any longer.