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Mindfulness meditation practice leads to so many benefits

Many studies show that a regular mindfulness meditation practice leads to so many benefits. Here are a few (…). However, it is on an emotional level that I see the most benefits from living a mindful life. It is also the area where students tell me they experience the greatest and most noticeable changes.


Colin Thompson

Colin C. Thompson, is the founder of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai), a company focused on business consulting, coaching, and training.  Colin has been coaching since 2016 and holds a coaching certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  As a result of his coaching services, individuals, teams, and organizations have developed and enhanced their work and leadership skills essential for success in both personal and professional environments.

Celebration of Fall

I want to thank you for being a part of this growing community, and I wish you a happy and safe fall celebration. It’s been a privilege and honor to walk this journey with you. Here’s to the footprints that are now behind us and the ones we have to walk yet. Until next time we connect – Get Out There In The Wild,Because That Is Where The Stillness And Adventure Lays ! – Mike Martin

A Celebration of life

I think it’s a gift when you are able to tie into nature and just feel the energy. Which is the fuel for celebration renewal, that life giving force that is so power in showing us that even with burdens around us we can still live change and create the space we desire.

If it hurts just throw it in the river

“I know each of you on this bus carrying something” he would say. “At the end of the day my route take me past the river. There is something I would like do for each of you. As you exit the bus I will be sitting here with my hand extended. It is my hope that you take those burdens off of your shoulders and place them in my hand.”