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So what happens when fear creeps in cuz you reached for the stars and you finger tips touch one?

Here’s the thing we all come up this list of I want to dos. We don’t think we can do them though. A lot of the time we gotta battle fear to ever leave the starting line.

At that stage in the game fear will make you get inside your own head. You question everything from the tools at hand. All the way to the reason your standing at that line in the first place.

Then you hear it, the gun snaps off. Marking the beginning of the race. Before you know it. That dream has become reality. You can leave the starting line now.

But do you? Did you overcome the fear to put the wheels in motion? Of course you did, the clock wouldn’t be ticking, they wouldn’t be watching your run if you didn’t.

You take a look down. Then it hits you almost like an out of body experience. You feet are moving. Your watching yourself in full motion.

It’s like you can’t even believe it. Those are your shoes moving your body down the path. A spilt second later you gain feeling of body again. You feel it your picking up speed.

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In that moment of gaining that feeling of being back within your body, you feel the speed at which your moving. It hits you like a punch to the gut. The fear comes rushing back. Because never expected that you would ever leave the starting line.

Then while you running down the path it happens. Fear and disbelief settle in. Maybe it’s because you can’t believe you are going running the race. Maybe it’s because you don’t faith in your training. Or even crazier yet things are going better than you expected.

It’s crazy right? All of these things are happening around you. Just because you launched yourself from the starting line.

What do think? What can you do? You can’t hit stop now. Because you wanted it so bad. From the first step you took the moment took over.

Now you gotta ride that moment. You gotta breath and trust in all the work that led up to the morning of the race

Getting lost within your own head now isn’t in the playbook. At lest we don’t think it. Still saying those words are so much easier that doing it.

That’s where I am finding myself right this very moment, so your not alone in this challenge. For me, I knew but I didn’t know what I want that marathon to look like.

I actually put in the work based upon what I thought the challenges, and even the outcome would be. Now as I find myself eying down the next mile marker I’m seeing thing happen.

Of course a marathon is a game of steady pace. The training is a process of slowly building yourself up to run the distance. That’s what my training process looked like as well.

Still I’m finding out as I go there was something in the training that didn’t a line with the reality of the path my marathon would open up.

What I’m learning right now at this new mile marker. Is that a lot of the time spent in the gym came with the training partner of a limiting self belief system.

A lot of us do this sort of thing. We put in the work. But we also hold on to the history we haven’t written over time. So that causes to think at this work we only take us so far. We can only achieve so much. We willingly just build and accept our own glass ceilings.

It’s as you cross that mile marker you that breaks the glass ceiling that things get tricky. Because now you have make a conscious decision. It’s one that can be filled so much self imposted pressure. When you step off the trail and bring this scenario into daily life.

You still want and strive for that victory you out and prepared for. But life doesn’t always come mile markers along the way, not even a text message alert. The progress just sneaks up on you. Some event happens, or door just flys open.

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Instantly triggering all of those limited beliefs. It’s like the rest of the race is moving forward and your standing there with a feeling of like what’s happening. This is way beyond we’re I thought I could take this.

It’s all just to much to understand or process. You not only in the driver seat but your still going forward. That ceiling you put above you, now it’s cracking and falling down all around you.

No matter how hard you’ve tried your in your own head. Over thinking and questioning everything. Trying to decide which way to turn. It’s safest to turn right and sabotage everything. Because you know that limiting world so well, it’s safes.

Or you look to the left and you see that Stewart you’ve been fostering inside. Waving their hand, beckoning you to follow. Still turning left means your going succeed. You’ve never been there before and it’s scary.

My friend it’s supposed to be scary and unknown. That’s the beauty of all of it. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to know. You have trust within that Stewart.

The challenge it’s goal is bring out of aspects of yourself that you don’t know are there. It didn’t matter how the words get on the page. You can never write anything that isn’t within you.

This is why the Stewart is waving and temping you to turn left. Because all of the forces at play know something your losing sight of. All of the tools to reach the finish line are within you.

So when you find yourself caught up in your own head take deep breath. Allow that breath to bring you back to the moments. You don’t need to know. You don’t need those text message alerts.

If a turkey can live in the moment. While winning them one moment at a time to stay alive. So you can live moment by moment. While embracing the victory’s as they come. While you win your own personal race.


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