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Sands of time

First nation teepee and autumn sunset

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There’s is one cold hard truth that each and everyone of us face, the face that we can not out run death. Seneca often reminds of this. It’s like we are conceived with a terminal disease right, it’s not cancer or some other scary illness that our body’s develop. Those just the conditions that doctors use to describe the final chapters of our story, or what is going to take us out of the game of life. That’s not to say that if you are or ever have to face them you should just laid down and give up. Because you shouldn’t, instead you have to embrace those journeys too. After all it’s how the story goes and our objective is to write the best story we can.

What I’m talking about are the sands of time. We each hold within us an hourglass, we never know just how much sand remains within it. What we do know is that we can’t stop it from running empty, but we also want to make the most of each grain of sand we have.

You think isn’t something that meant to scare you, even cause you to look at the clock. Nor is it meant to push you to start cramming more into your day. Because, probably 90% of that of extra stuff you would be cramming in there wouldn’t mean much of anything. Just the bulk of the stuff we chose to fill our day already.

The really cool part about that question is just how universal it is. You can ask yourself that very question about anything you’re doing. Not only does it really put your action in context and help you to decide if what you’re doing is important to you or not, but will lead you understanding where your values lay. Which most of the time is where the root our troubles are. We are not conducting our transactions of life within the bank of value system. We lose though with our North Star.

For years I spent day in and day in the throes of depression. I allowed that dark hole to shroud my value system. The first step in removing that mask was that one simple question. I fear dying right in this very moment because why, I would be able to mope in depression, nor could I act in a way that served it.

Then when I posed that same question myself when I was engaging in time with kids. The answer was yes, no I’m not ready to trade in this at this very moment because I wouldn’t be able to this. It put my North Star back on the map and gave me a point in which to sail towards. It really truly helped me to understand where I needed to move towards, where to place boundaries, and what I needed to shed.

Look my point is this, life goes by to fast for us to make the most of each moment. We gotta land the plane and get out of auto pilot. In order to find yourself and put yourself out from whatever your hiding under, to just out right lose that feeling of being stuck you gotta take control. You have to find something to put the gears of life into drive. The ignition switch is just as simple as a simple question. One that really puts the stakes on the table.

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