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Letters From Camp

season 1 is available now

There’s some really big news around camp. It’s something I’m very excited to share with you. That news is the release of Letters from camp season 1.

Which is the very first installment in a series of guided meditations. This season features a collection of six original meditations.

Each of these is an independent session that is designed to take the listener on a journey within. Using the wilderness has a beautiful backdrop and touches on Native American folklore. Together through these specially crafted meditations, we work towards building our connection with Mother Nature. To unlock the puzzle pieces, we need to move forward with healing. These sessions are designed to be a gateway to a deeper connection with the natural world and can be a wonderful complement to any other form of healing.

One of the reasons I’m so excited to share this project with you is that this is how I began my meditation practice.

Way back when, once I moved past my own stigmas about meditation. Once I picked up a couple of guided meditations, I discovered the power of the practice.

While my hope is that this collection finds its share of people entering the meditation space, I also feel it’s a great tool to seasoned pros and everyone in between.

My goal was to reach beyond the simple cultivation of basic skills. By fostering a space where the mind was safe to just wonder. Yet within that wondering implant a content the listener could relate the thoughts and feelings that come during their work.

Even more importantly help them to apply that context to everyday events they encounter.

The theme of showcasing how Mother Nature‘s lessons and inspiration is all around us, is one the greats highlights of this collection.

I really encourage you to give Letters from camp a try, and it to your collection. It’s currently available through the Podbean app. Where you can explore a full length session, before you buy the collection.

Letters from camp is currently available on the Podbean podcast app, and through the Project Mindfully Outdoors Patreon page, or free when you join The campfire circle exclusively on Patreon


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