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Victor Manzo on the power of mindset

  1. News and notes
  2. My conversation with Victor Manzo
  3. A little hunting talk
  4. Digging into mindset
  5. Building skills
  6. It’s all about the verbiage
  7. Define something
  8. The pattern
  9. When it doesn’t work
  10. You show up
  11. Learn to pivot
  12. A touch of wisdom
  13. Wrap up
  14. Credits and learn more
News and notes

About Victor

Dr. Vic is a Business Mindset Coach, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, 3x Author, Podcaster and Speaker.
He is the author of 3 books, the most recent, “Decoding The Matrix,” which came out in May 2022.

Dr. Vic has helped 100s of entrepreneurs learn how to create their dream life effortlessly through sharing principles of living in the Quantum world.

He shares many concepts that relate to spiritual truths, Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Limiting Beliefs, Leveraging One’s Mindset, Reconditioning of the Subconscious Mind, and much more to achieve these concepts.

My conversation with Victor Manzo
A little hunting talk

Hey, brother. How you doing tonight? I’m doing absolutely amazing, man. How how’s things coming about you? Things are busy around here. I can see that, yeah. Between, you know, the last week leading up to deer season, the opener of archery is always pretty crazy.

Yeah, a lot to a lot of last minute things to get done on top of the daily life, the podcast life, you know? I know how that goes. The only thing I don’t know is hunting, the hunting aspect. So you hunt with a bow that you say. Yes, that’s that’s pretty cool. I think that’s honestly the way to go, I mean. You know, firearm hunting is fun and all, but. It really takes a lot of effort to get it in there close and tight to get that shot, so. I hear you on that one.

I mean I think it’s it’s also just going back to our original ways and it’s more of is it, is it more of a challenge to when you’re using a bow instead of using a firearm. Ohh, it’s most definitely because you gotta get in closer so there’s more chance of spooking your prey and. You know they can smell you, see and hear you, and when you get a gift within like 50 yards or something, it it can be tricky. You don’t? I think it was what I heard.

I watched one time a friend of mine was telling me with he hunt wild hog he had put the hog urine on them so that way they can blend in. Is there is that like a tip or a trick to do with deer or no, that is actually a good trick? I thought so. Was like, I’m assuming it is what I understand about like you know my background and understanding the human body and I’m like well I know what the human body does and how things and animals are more enhanced in that way, whether their senses, it’s got to be that way.

Another good trick that I use, and it’s pretty common up in my area, is if we’re not using deer urine on our boots to kind of cover our tracks, then we’ll pull out like coyote or not coyote, but we’ll pull out like raccoon. Urine and throw that on our boots. Interesting. That’s so cool. I think that’s the whole that’s see I get into I’m like a kid with this stuff. So it’s like when I when I hear it it’s like that’s something I’m gonna have to you know eventually one day. But it’s the whole thing I have to get over is the killing part.

And I know I sound like a hypocrite because I do eat meat but it’s one of those things where I’m like just me like my wife always says she goes I know if it was survival you can do it with no problem. You got that mentality she goes but if you had it you had a choice you you would be questioning and and and and going back and forth. But I’m like it just depends. I have to get to that place because, you know, this is it’s life. This is all. I mean, I understand the spiritual elements of what, you know, how animals give and this is how they see their life, but it’s like just getting over that hump.

It can be a trick. I mean it’s, it can be unsettling, you know, the first couple of times it’s definitely not a sport that’s for everybody, but when you get into that zone, that zone where. You’ve just everything slows down. You’re getting ready to pull the trigger. And you connect with that animal, you know, it’s all about that connection I feel. No, I think, I think one of the things we have a lost art in America too is because we don’t, you know, we just get our people will get me at the grocery store is that they don’t appreciate it more and don’t use because I’m assuming you do.

And a lot of my friends who are hunters are like this, but they’re like we use every bit and piece that we possibly can of that to give honor and respect to the animal for giving its life to us. Everything, everything that could possibly be used has to be used. That’s. Kind of the the obligation I feel that you. End up taking on when you do take an animal down.

It is in order to really honor its life and its connection. To you, you have to consume and utilize every aspect of the animal. And you know what, when you have friends over and this is kind of the really cool part of it and you throw that piece of backstrap on the grill or whatever it is, you sit down and you’ve got a much cooler story to share about how that piece of meat got on the plate. As opposed to, you know, I went to Walmart and steaks are on sale for pound today. So here we are. You know what I mean?

And that’s really. No, I mean that’s really the key element to the motivation of why I hunt is that not only the connection, but it’s the story. You know, you go out there and you kind of seek that isolation, you know, that space to connect with the land and get all the stress of city life off of you for a better way to to put it. And then you come back with all these different stories. And there there’s stories that go a lot deeper than say, going to, I don’t know, Cedar Point riding roller coaster that’s over in like 5 minutes and couple years down the line we’re not even talking about it no more. But when you go out and you build these kind of stories of the hunt. These are things that you’re going to talk about for a lifetime. You know, and no two hunts are ever the same. There’s always something different that comes up. That makes it either more challenging or. Just a more spiritual experience overall.

I think actually that sets the stage really well for what I wanna dive into with you because when I was looking at, you know, your information, there was a question that you seem to really enjoy exploring, which is why we struggle so much in life.

Digging into mindset

Yeah, it’s one of those things where. For me, it was a journey to. It was something I wanted to learn early on as a kid, you know, because I saw so much struggle and I had my own and whatnot. And as I got older, because I always tell my mom and figure out this thing called life at 12 years old, I was saying this, but I meant it for different reasons.

At the point of my life now, it’s, you know, what’s a simple way? Because I love taking complex stuff and how can we make it so simple? Because if I ask anybody why do we struggle, there’s gonna be a thousands of reasons. But at the end of the day, the reason why we struggle as humans is because we what we resist. What resistance are we holding to that we hold on to, uh, whatever that may be, if it’s, you know, like if I had to go. I don’t. I talked about hunting and going for the kill and if I had to do that, I reset.

Why do I I get uncomfortable? I just think about it because I resist it. If I just go with the flow and like the way you explained it, it’s like I can feel your energy with that. I’m like that is that I can get into. I can do that because of what you explained, but. Look at like people’s lives when it comes to something we know we have to face or something that we’re going through, that’s difficult. We throw up a wall and we get resistant or we create mental toughness, and that’s all resistance and anything you resist is always going to persist. And the reason why it persists is because you’re putting your focus on what you don’t want to have.

If we can come back to understand a simple principle, and it comes from the law of focus, that shows that any time we put our mind, wherever we put our attention to, energy is going to go to. And anything we give energy to is, I’m sorry. Wherever energy goes, that’s worth manifest. Manifestation grows, that’s what. Creates your reality.

And so if we can learn to let go of that resistance and justlearn to maybe trust or surrender, it’s not a bad thing to surrender. Sometimes we think of the term surrender as something that’s horrible. All I’m saying is surrender to the resistance and just trust the process to go through maybe a dark moment in life. Maybe it’s the dark night of the soul. Maybe it’s we can go into any element with this.

But it’s one of those things where the more that you can let go that resistance, the easier the process. Easier the the quicker things will get through because you’re not holding, you’re not holding on and into your the state of where you are. And one of the example I like to give is if you look back at the economy when the recession in 2008, a lot of there was all these bailouts coming out, right.

There was an economist coming out and saying if we just let this be. We’ll be out of this in a year and a half. We’ll be back to where we were a year to year and a half. But what we did was with the the government did was a total opposite. We kept resisting to go down that path. So what do we do? Bailout, bailout, bailout, bailout. And I’m not saying bailouts are good or bad. I’m not going into that. But what I was just. What I want to share is, though, is we resisted what we had to go through. And how long did it take us to turn around?

About five to six years, almost three. About three to four times the amount of what these economists were saying. And that’s the the element of resistance. And you can look at this in your life too, in so many ways. And I can go many directions, but I think it’s a good starting point.

I love the way that you put that. Because actually, I just wrote an article about the concept of something I walked through where, you know, being a single father, I get my kids every other weekend. And I resist the fact that that’s just the way it is because, you know, Sundays are all around and. It hits all three of us in kind of a painful way still, you know, to me, being a father, I hate seeing my kids like that. I hate feeling that way. So I fight that feeling of there’s gotta be more that I can do than

just, you know, the standard, what the agreement is in this and that. Yeah, I’ve got to carry on a regular life and do my thing. But that feeling. Of man, Sunday sucks. I’m dragging, they’re dragging. It’s painful because we’re resisting that. We just moved back into what the rest of the picture looks like. And and, you know, realize that in X amount of days we’ll be back together again and things will be what they were from, you know, carrying out from the weekend before.

No, I appreciate that story. And it’s so true because and and and and then that day on Sunday, nobody’s present enjoying the moment. Exactly right. And so that day gets, I’m sorry, go ahead. No, I was going to say, and that’s where the difficulty comes in. And, you know, it builds up that it starts spinning the wheels of the resistance a little bit more. It’s like, man, there’s got to be some way that I can avoid this whole thing for all of us. But in reality, you know, we really can’t. It’s just a part of the process and. You gotta learn to accept the fact that with that scenario, you’re teaching them life skills. And you two are in return.

Building skills

Are learning new life skills. You’re learning to turn that adversity of the resistance into a positive because. When you when you start to focus in on, hey, the first half of the weekend was great. Now we’re sitting here struggling about the, you know, spundae winding down. And you turn your direction back to that good part, that gripping grin of it. You’re able to say OK. We’re in the moment, the sucks, but we’re going to make the best of it and then we’ll just carry back on when the next day comes up.

You know one of the things is and I can relate to this in a different way but uh because I’m a big Family Guy. I’m originally from Chicago. I just moved to Knoxville, TN in December. My wife and her family are all there. So I’m very close to my parents and so leaving them was was a little on the you know I I’ve left them before for school a couple times but when they came to visit right after I just moved down. You know, we had a great time but then we knew that day was coming and that’s when it was going to kind of.

Then for me, like OK, I’ve I’ve literally picked up and moved away. This is this is my life now. And it was, it was you know a little bit of a struggle but we got through it. But the next time when they came out. I was like, you know what, in my mind, I’m sitting there going. I’m gonna soak in everything I can with them, and then when the time is getting close near the end, instead of think knowing they’re leaving, how about say let’s plan our next one?

Let’s get excited about the next thing right. Let’s because you can ship perspective in so many different ways, right. You can like I said focus, go wherever focus goes, energy is going to go to and so we can look at that and go, well yeah here comes the end again. I won’t see you guys for at least a couple you know months, maybe Christmas if I make it up there because I just had a a daughter with those born. So we’re kind of like my wife and I are looking like do we really want to travel with a little one right now and a 9 hour drive, 8 1/2 hours they’ll turn in probably to a whole 2 day process possibly. Um. But at the same token, we’re just like, you know, we had a great time. We talked about the memories I have, what do we enjoyed? And they were like, hey, let’s book the next one. And all of a sudden my parents, I reach out to a week after they leave and they’re like, yeah, let’s, let’s come back. We’ll come back in November.

So it’s been a couple to me in a couple of months and. Or a month away. Million. Yeah, almost a month, couple months and. It was kind of cool because that time when they left, I mean it sucked. But then I was just like, that was so awesome. I enjoyed my time. Look at the memories. I held my mom and cooking in the kitchen with her and my dad. He did some things that he out of his realm and we just had a great time and I really enjoyed him. And I’m like now I’m looking forward to the next one and the the missing and those other feelings I thought would have showed up weren’t there. And it’s one of those things where I’m sharing this story for two reasons.

One, just, you know, again, how to shift perspective. You don’t have those experiences, you don’t feel that suffering a little bit. But the other one too is just to share. That’s something to that potentially. Look at uh, I don’t know if you do that already, but to get them, your children excited about that next thing and be like, OK, look, we had all the fun we had here. This is what you guys wanna do next time. What do you guys wanna do?

We come back again, what do we wanna do it? And then it gets them forward to looking forward to something. And then looking at, you know, where their focus is at in that moment. Right. Because when they get in that when they or or yourself get into that focus, you know, no matter what the scenario is, it really brings to mind that reminder from Seneca about how, you know we suffer more with the stories that we tell ourselves than the reality

of the situation. So if you. And and I believe that kind of takes us to like this disconnected point where we’re no longer in the moment enjoying and celebrating what’s going on. We’re lost in, you know, the hurt feelings that are coming or whatever the situation is. So I feel like if you’re able to change the vocabulary of the story based on, you know, the gripping room moments, you know, for you with that story being the time that you spent in the kitchen or. Whatever other family moments were involved in the situation, I shared, you know, we did XY and Z over the weekend. And you know what, we’ll continue with the next weekend that we get together and we’ll build on that.

It’s all about the verbiage

You know, we’ll figure out some kind of thing to do. It’s all about the verbiage, I feel. And you know, really, I think a lot of it comes down on the spiritual level to the things that we carry. Getting back to that whole reminder from Seneca, because that vocabulary from the story is built over the course of time by experiences that we live. And when we carry all these different things. That’s what’s making up. The vocabulary from which you know our mind is talking to us.

So if we learn how to kind of release a lot of those negative or hurtful things, it provides a space for us to be able to. Draw in a whole new verbiage and build a whole new vocabulary which ultimately shifts that story. It it changes the whole vibe. I mean, words are vibration and they, they hold things.

I remember years ago I had a mentor, Tommy, he goes, just change your vocabulary. Go read a dictionary and pick out words and learn new words and use them. And he’s like, it’ll change your life. And I was like, can’t be that simple, man. Just can’t be. But my background was a little bit of energy stuff.

And so I was looking and I’m going, well, hold on, he might be on to something. Words all have a frequency. And I’m like, we call it spelling, right? So when you have a word, you’re spelling it. Well, take out the iang. What are you doing? You’re putting a spell. You’re casting a spell upon something.

So when you put the words together, that creates a story, which has an energy, which creates an experience. And so that’s why I hear a lot of people say change the story, change your life. These are the this is the baseline of it all, to where if you do choose different words, it changes the whole experience because it defines our it creates the fabric to our reality, and if we can shift our words around, change the story. And the beautiful thing about being human is we can. We can choose any story you want. And it’s true. Doesn’t have to be. You can believe it.

You can have any story in the world that you wanna, you wanna make your story to be. It doesn’t matter if it’s factual or not, only want to say true, just factual or not. Because at the end of the day, whatever you believe it to be is what it’s going to be. It’s all about it gets back to that perception idea. And you know, it’s funny because. A lot of there was a good chunk of my.

I guess journey over the past few years that really detailed me honing in on that story, that self narrative. Because it was always filled with negative. And. I remember reading a book, the Wind is my mother by Bear heart. And there being a quote in there about negativity and negative talk, how? You’ve got to remind yourself to never complete the negative sentence because it always manifests. No matter what it is, you know your brain is a processor. And whatever you think you will, your brain is going to will it to become true. So if you’re able to reach out. And learn. Pick up a dictionary and Start learning positive words.

Then the processor gets filled with this new information and this whole new. Reality around you ends up being manifested in. Really. Probably a light that you never truly expected was within you, but. It all took just that time to learn. The new verbiage in order to start painting a better picture.

Define something

I mean it’s so true and in so many ways. I mean it’s so simple to do and it’s overseen in so many ways, so many aspects when people look at you know their life and how we, how we define some, how we define a thing or an experience or. You know, imagine how you you could be as simple as just defining something you enjoy.

You can choose words, or even higher vibration or higher positive. You know, put more positive to it than something else. To take that whole experience to a whole nother level by the simplicity of just choosing words. You know, I think it’s funny as we’re having this conversation and. The the phrase it’s so simple to do keeps coming up over and over again. I know 4 1/2 almost five years ago now when I was standing at the trailhead of this journey. I would have looked at you and I would have laughed and said, yeah, it’s that simple, huh? I’m so under the control and power of this depression that is built all these different powerful masks that are like running my life.

And you’re telling me it’s so simple just to put it all down and walk in a different path. But the beauty of that and the thing that I think really needs to be celebrated. Is exactly that phrase man? It is that simple. You know, it’s just committing to yourself that you’re going to go down this adventure, you’re gonna take this adventure, go down this path. Of discovery. And, you know, you and I having this conversation, we’re just two normal guys.

You know, I’m hanging out here in the deer blind. You’re sitting in a room with some books on a shelf behind you. In that anybody can do this stuff. The thing about society today is that we are led so strong by the mind that what ends up happening is the mind always complicates everything. It’s not a bad it’s just the way the mind works.

It’s it’s anytime you leave with mine that’s going to complicate things, it’s going to make things harder because the mind creates resistance and then from there it’s always takes things longer or makes things more complicated and so forth. And I’m speaking. I’m sharing all this because I people look at me sometimes, especially as being a business coach and I talk about simplicity with things and they’re always like well, you know, you say that now or whatever it may be. And I’m always like, I was the polar opposite individual.

I’m a type a driver, individual task oriented, very left brain dominant. So when it comes to like. Making things as simple as possible, trusting and just going and not even having like I wouldn’t say not having a plan but just letting go and letting the universe God whatever you want to call it, say hey I’m gonna let you, I’m gonna this is what I want to create for myself and you bring whatever you think is the best for me. I trust you along the way and I’m just going to focus on what I need to do.

I wasn’t that type of a person, but. What I’ve learned over time is that because we made a world so complex and I got sucked into it early on in my career. I started to peel the layers back and I started to go. Things that can life is not really hard, and things aren’t complicated. Now some people say, well, life is hard. Well again, if you believe life to be hard, it will be hard, right? If you think you’re right. If you think you’re not everything, if you think you can or you think you can’t. You’re right, Henry Ford, right. And so it’s the same concept of looking at life and a lot of the, I’ve studied so much Eastern philosophies and so forth and the way they make life seem. It’s like it really is that simple.

Like it’s not that hard to make a choice move forward. Now what makes it hard for us is the conditioning of the mind, the conditioning of our neurology because you and I, we can make a choice in our life and say, well, I’m going to do this and I’m moving forward. OK, great. You’ve made that choice in your mind, but the neurology and. All the patterning hasn’t been programmed or hasn’t been conditioned, so now all of a sudden you have to work through that to get to that point. That may be the hard stuff, but to make a choice or to change a story, right? To change your life. Not really that hard. But to create the habit in the pattern with that, it just takes time. You know, that’s why I was. I never liked the word hard.

I remember I was in chiropractic school and. Students or Tom, all this is hard and that’s hard. And I’m like, what’s hard? Let’s, let’s define hard. Well, it’s hard. I mean it’s, you know, this and that. Like, is it difficult? Well, yeah, OK to find difficult thing. And so Long story short, by the time we get done with this back and forth and this. I said, do you notice a pattern?

The pattern

The pattern is that every time you say something’s hard in your life, all it means is just takes more time. Really look at your life and think of all the things that you ever said. Something was hard and all it was is it took more time. Maybe it was more time in studying, maybe it was more time and putting your efforts into learn something. Maybe it’s in a relationship and you gotta take more time to be more patient, to understand things more or to heal or to get over something or to learn and grow, whatever that may be. It just takes more time.

But it’s not really hard. And when we can look at life and get rid of all the complexities of what we’ve done with this world because. You know, you think by the time with all this technology we have and everything that we’re, we evolved to things should just be so much more easier and simple. But in fact, we’ve complicated every fabric of our life now. Health, finances, relationships, mindset stuff, you know, even even physical health, I mean, you name it, nothing is like, simple, here you go. Done. It’s all like, well, you can do this, but then there’s this system you have to do well.

There’s a system in that system. Who’s the right system? Well, it depends. Which when you’re in and I can go down the whole rabbit hole with that, but. Uh, it’s, it’s learning how to get out of our heads and learn to get back into our hearts. And I think that’s where humanity has gone down a path with, and we’re starting to kind of slowly turn that corner because the heart following that, it’s simple.

There’s no complex, no, no complexities there whatsoever. I think it also boils down to. Being mindful of the decisions that you make are the only aspect that you can truly control because as I’m sitting here listening and thinking about it. You know,

I’m obviously talking now. It’s the last few days before opening days. So part of my mind is kind of in the woods right now. And I’m thinking about, you know, every morning when I get up to go out hunting, I tell myself I’m going to be successful. You know, I’m gonna put a deer down and it’s going to be, it’s going to be great and monumental.

When it doesn’t work

Well, it doesn’t always work that way. And you know what what it boils down to. Is the series of decisions that you can make in the series of actions that you can control. You know, I got up, got ready, drove to my hunting spot, got out of the truck, I walked, I got it in my spot, and I got ready. And whether or not a deer shows up or I get a shot is completely out of my control. But it’s the practice of actually getting out there and doing these things and I feel that that’s the other. Caveat to this whole conversation is as much as we talk about picking up a book or a dictionary and redefining the vocabulary, you’ve still got to live the experiences and you’ve gotta still put your heart where you want your heart to be. Really.

You know, if you want the success, whether you’re feeling it that day or not, you gotta get out there and you gotta put yourself there because the repetition, it builds the muscles that you can’t see and that you can’t feel. In order to finally heave yourself over that wall and get to that dream life that you perceive yourself having or being who you feel like you are inside. Now 100% it it. One of the ways I look at that is like sports is a great example really hunting is another great example too where like in sports like again

I’m biased I’m from Chicago so Michael Jordan, best basketball player ever. He practiced hard in the practice he did he he he went harder in practice than he did in the game and when you think about that for a second it’s it’s it’s you’re you’re showing up every single day going all in right putting the effort out there eventually the opportunity is. To come. And if you’re doing the work. And you’re showing up every day.

It’s going to come eventually will come. And guess what? You’ll be prepared for it. A lot of times, you know, I again, one of the limiting beliefs on money is that you know, you just gotta have luck. Luck is what it is. You know people make money just sometimes are just, they’re just luckier or and I grew up with, I remember hearing that growing up. And I started to think about it and I was like, you know what, there is no such thing as luck. If you just, I mean maybe there is some people say, well, maybe there’s a chance I really don’t because if you really. You know, show up every single day.

You show up

You show up every day. Like everyday I wake up and I say, man, it’s gonna be an amazing day today. I have no reason to say it’s amazing day. I have nothing to. I just woke up. How do I know what today is gonna be? But I set the tone and say my vibration’s gonna be saying it’s an amazing day and I’m gonna put all my energy in around that to say it’s going to be. Does it always work out the way? Like you’re saying, like going for a hunt, you’re preparing to get up early. You do what you have to do. You’re putting raccoon urine all over your boots and all that. Or it was a raccoon you said, yeah. Yes. All over your boots, you get all prepped and ready and you don’t get a deer that day. But, you know, it’s kind of like life where sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we we still get something right.

Sometimes there’s a lesson, sometimes it’s an experience, sometimes it’s a moment you have. Sometimes you just need the quietness for yourself. It’s just like in sport, I always say there’s never a loss in anything in life. And uh, some people like to argue that, but I’m always like, you know, even in like in sports, if somebody wins a championship, the team who won won a trophy, they won a title, they won all these things. The team will lost, won something too. They won something too. If they didn’t get the title, they didn’t get the trophy. But what did they learn? They learned about the weaknesses of what did what led up to that point.

They learned, you know, where they can get better and stronger at, you know, what was the things that they thought they were prepared for but weren’t, you know, so many things we can learn from. Those, those experiences and the key thing is this is where I teach a lot of my clients is like don’t go out expecting to get a result. Go out to just, you know, enjoy the process and enjoy the beauty of being able to do like. Another example of that is like. Going blink. Seinfeld. Jerry. Jerry Seinfeld.

I don’t know if you know he’s the most he’s the wealthiest comedian in the world. He has never accepted an award for the work he does. Which I when I found that out I was like no, I gotta, I gotta prove this. I can’t believe this. And it’s true. He’s never accepted the award. And and I think it was Eddie Murphy on his show coffee comedians in cars having coffee. And he asked him, he’s like why have you never accepted an award? You won so many awards. You, never accepted one of them. And he said, I love this quote and it made me go into this mindset. He’s like. The award is being able to do what I do every day and he writes jokes every day no matter what. And I was sitting there and I’m like.

That man, he’s sharing something that’s so profound I don’t know if he even realizes it. Because what it’s kind of we’re talking about right now is just wake up every day and enjoy the process. Be in that moment. Embrace everything like you’re you’re going deer hunting.

It’s that the beauty of being in nature and just soaking up what nature offers and what it gives us and the experiences and then everything else on top of that. And hey, if you get a deer, that’s a bonus. But it and our minds are like, no, but I gotta get the deer. I want the freaking deer, right? And it’s like, don’t worry, the deer comes, you’ll get it. Just enjoy the process. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Learn to pivot

You hit the nail on the head with that one, brother. I mean that right there. You gotta celebrate the process. You gotta honor every aspect of your surroundings. And then be able to pivot a little bit because you know, situations. No matter how much we try in our minds to say this is gonna work out, this is gonna, this is gonna go our way. Reality is the outcome isn’t in our hands, so being able to adapt, identify and learn from the process. Is. You know, a strength within yourself that I feel ultimately builds the character that we each, each and every one of us have it within us. But a lot of us forget about.

Yeah. And and you know, kind of what we’re talking about here too is like I call it leveraging the universe because we allow. We don’t try to control. We can’t control, you know, I was, I was, certainly I was like the older I get, the more I know I don’t control anything. Like the only thing I get to control is me, and I get to control how I show up with my vibes.

My mindset is and so forth, but everything else is. I don’t have any control over that. But what I’ve learned about is that. We get so fixated. And this was me again, type a goal oriented who had to hit the goal no matter what. If I didn’t get the goal, I wasn’t successful and it had to be 100% or nothing at all. You can see I had a lot of stress with that and a lot of lot of upsets, failures and I was very hard of myself and my girlfriend at the time was my wife. Now she would always be like why you OK, you didn’t get to 100%, but like 80% or 90%? Why are you still down? Because I get the 100.

But what I’ve learned is that if we leverage the universe. Then all of a sudden we play in this dance where it’s just like you, you, you know, you’re you’re saying I want an apple. Universe gives you the universe may give you an orange, but that was the fruit you needed at that time. And if we can learn to just let go and just say, I’m going to focus on me and only me and then allow for whatever to show up to help guide you in that process, because it will, then you, you.

This is that whole thing we talked about in the beginning when you asked about resistance. This is why we don’t get what we want in life, exactly. To the tea or even. More because we resist thinking we know better. We resist because we think that with our limited. I mean just to share with the listeners our our our perception of what our perception of what we can see and what we can able to get our awareness to see is. So it’s a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percentage. It’s so minutely small where the universe, God, Allah, whatever you like to call it, it has the whole 100%. It can see all the things and all the perspectives and how it all plays out and what’s going to benefit you and.

The greater good of humanity at the same time. And if we could just learn to let go, lower the resistance, trust the process, and all of a sudden we’ll get what we want. And sometimes it’s even more. And it’s funny because. Even in my own career I’ve seen it. Even in my own life I’ve seen it and it’s just like and I still laugh about it where I’m just like ohh man, I was really trying to go for that. But this showed up and man, it was so much better. I can’t believe how this all worked out. It could be as simple as like. I always wanted to get a pickup truck and

I was always a F-150 when the Raptor was coming back. I’m like eventually I’m gonna get that, but I had criteria of what I had to meet. And but when it came time to when I was going to get a truck I remember I was looking and I was like yeah you don’t know if I’m not feeling. I’m not feeling the pull to the the Raptor right now. And if I wanna pull the gun with it because I wasn’t getting the price point I wanted and my wife got my wife looks at me and goes why don’t you look at a Dodge Ram out of the ordinary.

Like you Dodge Ram like why don’t I do a Dodge Ram. And she’s just like, I don’t know my dad had him. Now here’s my wife. She’s like I know my dad had him. They always seem like they work fine. That that was her response. I was open to her suggestion and I listened. I went to go look and they just read. They refurbed everything like a year before and it was like everything I I saw in my head of wanting a pickup truck.

And I was just like, holy cow. And I got everything I wanted and beyond. But if I was restricted and stayed, no, I have to get that F-150 Raptor. That’s what I always wanted. That’s why I’m gonna go after. That’s what I want to get. Well, I would have totally missed the boat, realizing there was something even better that aligned with me in what I wanted.

I think it’s a key element. Of just practicing these principles, you know, giving yourself grace and space to be willing to explore what comes your way without any preconceived judgments or. Anything of the sort, just be open to the journey.

A touch of wisdom

So I want to transition toward the one question that I ask everybody at the end. Which is from. The journey and the adventure, the life that you’re living and celebrating that we’re here kind of talking about now, leave everybody with. Both as something inspirational. Inspiring and thought provoking. Love this so one I kind of mentioned a little bit of already but it’s it’s one of the things that. If you take a look back at your life, everything always worked out the way it you know it always worked out. Everything always lines up. Everything always goes with that process when it comes to creating the life of what you want to do. One of the things that I have learned is that, and this has been huge for me in the last six years I’ve been doing this, is that.

Having 100% faith, not only faith from a religious standpoint. I mean faith from inner knowing that. The universe God, Ella, whatever you like to call it, always will provide you what you need to grow in your life. So what do I mean by needing growth? Wait, let’s say if you want to be a millionaire, well having $1,000,000 is is more of an element of being than it is doing. And if you really want to achieve that the universe is, then if you really are focusing on that, you want that in your life, then the universe is going to bring people, circumstances and situations to you to help you grow.

You want to see life as like a game. So here comes my next thing I gotta work on, right? You don’t have no idea where that’s going, but you have the inner knowing that this is going to help me move. Forward to what my desire is, what are the things that I want to have in my life. And as long as when you see it in that perspective, you’re gonna be able to embrace the moment more because you know that you’re gonna level up from that and you’re gonna grow from that.

This is the secret sauce that I like to call when you get into this process and practice this. This is where fulfillment starts to happen. You start to get into a place where all of a sudden that you start to enjoy life more. You don’t. You don’t have such resistance to coming to things. Those kind of things we kind of talked about already. You don’t start to create resistance to something that shows up that you may not like. You sit there and go. I’m eventually I’m going to trust this. I know this is going to help me grow in my aspects of where I want to go in my life. And the more you have that, the more you have a more.

Beat in your at with your life, because why else would it not work that way? That’s why you have to ask yourself that question. And at the end of the day, we only have to control one thing, and that’s what we have our energy of where we are, where our focus is. So focus on what you want to create for yourself and know that the universe is going to provide. If you do that, and you really focus on that, you’ll have true fulfillment in your life.

It’s that sense of the pivot, the. Willingness to live. The experience to reach for your stars and your dreams, your hopes. But also. I feel like when you put that all together. It really brings out the character of who you are, and that’s what the universe is out there to feed. Yeah, if I can say one more thing I forgot to mention. And this is where the the thought, the thought provoking comes in.

Always be crystal clear and authentically what you want. Because unfortunately, in today’s world and just the world in general, um. What we want is sometimes more what we’ve been conditioned to think we want. Compared to what we really want, what really matters to us? And that’s that doesn’t come to you from here in your mind. It has to come from your heart, from a feeling that doesn’t have to be your heart could be your stomach, where you feel it could be in your arm.

But there’s this inner knowing of feeling that all of a sudden you’ll just be like. Now that’s what I really want. That’s what I’m really trying to strive to. And once you get to that place, it’s a lot easier for the universe and everything else to align and help you in that process.

Wrap up

Most definitely. Man, this has been a great conversation. I’m really glad that we got the chance to do this, victor. As we wrap it up, though, you gotta let people know how they can reach out to you, how they can find out what you got going on, and all those good things. Oh, thanks for giving me the chance to share my my website is my hub to connect. So it’s

If you’re a business owner or anything like that, you’re interested in like what I’ve been saying and you’re interested in coaching and stuff I do, I do offer free coaching call to just connect and see if I can help get to learn more about you and so forth and share some action steps for you. I do have free resources on there. I got a free ebook on the power of visualization.

I do got the first chapter of my new book you can get download that and read that, access to my podcasts and so much more. If you want to connect on the socials on the bottom left corner of my website, I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Tik, T.O.K. LinkedIn. Um, I share concepts like this probably four or five times a week, and if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from people. So reach out. I do read my DMS and I love to respond.

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