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Keeping your heart close

It’s the forward progress that your heart makes each day. That is where the bar is set, deep within inside of you. When you take those steps each day you must ask yourself did you truly carry your heart with you? The progress you think you made today. Did it truly bring your heart another step closer towards your people?

Outdoor healing with a sportsman

Which means you have pick a spot and tap into nature. There’s a little four word statement that we live by in the wildness, “stillness is the key”.

The mind must be free to roam

Physically you get the blood flowing and movement of the body going. That’s the first thing we think of when we walk. Yet, it serves us mentally too.

Seneca wrote about how a healthy mind must be allowed to wander. There’s no better space for the mind to roam then when the body is Motion in the act of walking.

What is stewardship and why it works

How much fact based information do you really about the subject, and if you act with the very first impulse that comes to mind, what agency is serving and what the long term effect will it have. If your acting without all the proper information, will that response run the risk of causing a set back.