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Use your range finder

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So what if the words at hand are not the ones you’d choose. While yes every page we right in our head is filled in grand success and glory. There will not be anything that goes wrong, no door will ever slam shut in this story we tell ourselves.

Then we have to live the experience, and sometimes what fate puts in front is the polar opposite. Time and time we find ourselves facing down adversity and heart ache. Fate throws a monkey wrench in our plans, those doors we were once looking at slam shut, or in a fiery blazed those bridges we cherished are swallowed by the flames. This leaving us bitter and scamming for words, and a direction which to turn.

Thank you Kathleen

Of course we can linger in the pit of despair, for most that’s the first instinct,To blame the forces at work around us for changing our story. Which leaves us a drift until the next filler words come along, offering a temporary point to anchor.

So what if there was a way to fast forward past the filler, a way to ground yourself and reconnect with you story.

Nature as taught us such a trick. You learned it your tent on that summer night, the one when out of no where the sky opened up and the rain began to flow, so much so that rain proof coding of your tent gave way. Instead of good night of rest you found yourself having to act. You had embrace the suck factor and react, because Mother Nature left you no other option.

Let’s go back to that pit, the one where life took away the thing you needed to write the pages of your story. It was ok, dealing with that downpour and your wet tent, and it’s ok now. Just like that night you just have to embrace the suck factor.

Yes the elements of whatever it is suck, still it’s just one event no matter how challenging, or life changing it is. But it’s not unfortunate that this happened to you. Because only you can endure it with the grace to come out the other side. Marcus Aurelius often had to remind himself.

Wether your facing a loss or your finding yourself facing not getting you wanted. Once you release the next breath you take, you didn’t have it in the moment that just passed, and will not have it in the next. Which means those words are not meant for your story. Seneca reminds us that a man is freest when it dose not long for what is not his.

From first handed experience, I know this one of the hardest mindsets to put into practice. The art of letting go and building sentences out of the words at hand comes with practice and commitment. But your worth the investment of this practice, and you’ll be better for it. So keep your scope within its range.


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