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What’s you medicine

If you get sick you see a doctor. Who in return prescribes you medicine. With the intention of facilitating healing.

The same holds true in the effects of life’s traumas. They are painful events that if not properly released, leave the soul sick and aching.

While of course there is the medical approach to treating these sort of illness. But, those treatments can only reach so deep and help so much.

Finding the bravery to reach out and begin the healing process with the support of the medical community is always a great starting point. Since after all any form of safety and structure is the key to healing.

So often however we lose sight of the fact, that true healing comes from within. Our answers and solutions to finding true healing are unique to each of us.

Regardless of how you found yourself here. It so important to take the lead of your journey. By building your path around support, structure, and safety are the most important medication pieces you can find.

Structure and safety I have found can be found in the form physical reminders. Finding things that you can keep around you and draw energy from is such a powerful tool.

Just like how your journey will be one that is always growing and constantly changing, so to will your collection of keep shakes.

These empower you by reminding you of the mission at hand. You can turn to these items when your in need of comfort, or just for a simple grounding reminder. You are to keep them with you in a pocket or set them up in the area you go to preform your practices of meditation, journaling, and so on.

Along the process you’ll discover has I have, that the items that make up your medicine or healing bag call to you.

Some items may come and go over time. Just like everything you will encounter. They come to you, only to disappear once their purpose has been for filled. While others will stay the test of time over the course of your journey.

When I was first introduced to this concept I discovered the core of what would be the root of my medicine bag. That first item was a simple rock.

Back then I would find a rock and write a word or two on it, then keep it in my pocket. So I could touch and hold it when I needed encouragement. It’s a practice I still honor to this day. Even though it’s become a rare practice to ask the rock to hold a single word.

Since then I’ve developed this little space on my desk that holds my collection. Which shifts from time to time depending on the season.

The main stays though honor them most important aspects of my life. Meant to anchor and remind me of my values and the things I truly love.

A copy of meditations now stands vigilant watch over the other items. Things such a fire started. Which represents the ability to create my own light source in the mist of darkness. The compass sitting on my desk has my way of always being able to find my true north.

My favorite fishing lure and an old bottle of code blue deer lure serve to honor the wildness. While rock collect which is the center of my modest collection. Now it consists of one large rock with four pebbles on its back. Representing the four people in this world I hold dearest to my heart, my four children.

Then of course there is the is the toy polar bear. Which my youngest son added to my collection, and outlined a river bed in more pebbles.

These items all make up the pillars of my medicine. That I use in my own healing journey. Each one sits in the sanctuary of my blind and office. Where I do all of my work whether it be creative or on myself.

We all need a safe space like this in order to our work and heal. So I ask you what is calling you to tap into its powers?


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