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Life is more than survival mode

Episode 170

To often we got so caught up just harnessing the resources in the world around us. That so much gets over looked. The other aspects the world offers us. That wealth of knowledge and life long learning. What would happen if we just stopped for a minute and allowed Mother Nature to teach us something new or point out something that getting lost in the transactions of our life.

Of course from birth we learn the basic skills to survive within the world around us. Just as seed once in the ground will just follow its process of growth and survival. While forming the seed was taught it must grow roots with which it will drink water and be filled with nutrients.

Next the seedling will learn to sprout a stem and reach into the world above the ground. It dose this when it’s basic survival needs are met underground. There for teaching the seeding a need to expand. Which opens it up to the desire to reach up and bask in the suns rays. By doing so the seeding not only becomes strong but it also gains new attributes.

While those attributes take hold and stem grows taller it also grows stronger. Until from that stem grows branches. Which will ultimately hold flowers and leafs. Turning that tiny little seedling into a beautiful tree. As the tree grows and matures the cycle begins again. As it too drops seeds on to the ground that are filled with those basic survival lesson and dreams. Of them too becoming a large and beautiful tree.

I feel like the tree analogy is such a fitting way to tap into the story of life. Because we are born the same way. We come hardwire wired with the basic needs of survival. We come into this world just has vulnerable and reliant on our parents to fill our needs.

Then seemingly out of nowhere we become stricken with the Curiosity that inspires us to walk. That same instinct then guides us to learn to develop all these new skills. Which over the years become refined in such a way that we are able to meet our basic survival needs.

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We spend years engaged in learning through play has our stem reaches upward towards the sun. Until that day comes where our stem begins to grow branches. When suddenly we find the picture of survival has changed.

The context becomes both a struggle and journey. A very personal voyage that involves putting our nose to grind stone. All the while hoping we have grown the skills that will bring us food, shelter, water, and even heat.

It’s as if we become so engaged finding and keeping those key things there’s nothing else in sight. Only working to being able to obtain our needs, while drifting from one relationship to the next. Only taking in the knowledge that will keep growing the leafs on those branches.

All the while forgetting all about that gift that came with our youth. The Curiosity to just learn from everything going on all around us. Leaving us unplugged from a world that now feels so small. Because we are so lost in the foraging it takes to survive. Almost as if enough is never enough.

But what could happen if you unplugged from that point of view, if you just gave yourself credit for your surroundings? You would then find yourself open and receptive to nature and the things she has to teach you. You could finally break the patterns that keep you returning to start. Just by simply saying to yourself I’ve gather enough firewood to get through the night.

Will give you permission to finally rest. What’s more is that unlocks this whole new world, a much larger one. Your soul can once again return to up towards that big warm sun. Allowing it fill your body and mind with new purpose.

This is where many of are lacking. In the rejuvenating knowledge and wisdom Mother Nature is trying to teach us. Because we lost with the feeling survival means more of the same basics. When a tent pole breaks we don’t pitch our tent with same broken pole. We recognize that it served us well and replace it. Other wise the tent won’t stand correctly to offer us a restful nights sleep.

The same is at play with the skills, habits, and patterns we employ in life. One skill or behavior can serve us well only to become maladaptive later on. You have to constantly be allow nature to teach and train you while the sun nourishes the soul.

Our story is allow changing, but yet it’s also filled with countless repeats as well, and more times than those repeats bring it’s the same out comes as well. If your finding yourself not making progress and seeking out the same old starting points. Now would be as good of time as any to consider what all these redos are trying to tell you. It’s your inter Stewart screaming out loud at you. It’s not about changing the faces or the names as you search for another refrain. It’s the cycle it’s self that it’s time to replace.

If you don’t believe me just look to the truly that lays within the wilderness. Do you think it’s a coincidence that to hunt is try to catch deer making a mistake. They learn the lessons of nature and adjust the behavior accordingly.

A prime example of this, is how in the fall deer tend to become nocturnal. They have learned that cooler temperatures bring humans into the woods to kill them when the sun is up. Their for they make the conscious effort to go about feeding throw out the night. Moving in and out of field as dusk and dawn in order to try to stay alive.

It’s not something that takes this monumental amount of effort, or even a catastrophic life event to do. It’s just actually one of the simplest things that you can do, that will have a huge impact on your story for the better. Tapping into the knowledge Mother Nature is trying to teach you will allow the world around to open up and become so much more for filling.


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