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It’s what we should do

Oh how different the world would look if we just opened our hearts just a little bit more. If we made room for one more sleeping bag around camp, offered up one more roasting stick to someone new to join us at the campfire. It would mean one less person would feel alone. One less person seemingly without a tribe.

That is more important than any words on a page or an audio recording could ever express. It would make a difference to someone feeling as if they are on the outside looking in. The man or woman feeling so disconnected or isolated, grappling with his or her own struggles. Just be able to lay down the pack long enough to be understood. Not to have to face this world alone.

The life of a wandering nomad bogged down by the world around them is a difficult path to walk to hold. When deep down inside they carry the same need to just belong and be welcomed as you do.

But instead they are met with stigmas and labels that impact how they are viewed and view themselves. No matter how many footsteps they lay down, they can’t seem to get away from burdens of the finger pointing. But who cares what face they are just like you on the layers underneath beneath those obstacles.

Though their obstacles may look different for their than you we are all in the together. The tribe becomes some stronger and much more well a rounded when you add one more. So on eve of the celebration of birth of our country reach out to someone that you know or may not know. Put all those stigmas and labels to the side and welcome them into your camp.

Fire up the bbq and light the up the sky with colors of freedom while helping a fellow human being understand they can fit into a tribe no matter what obstacles they could be dealing with.

The freedom we celebrate is a gift that takes on many different means. No one should be alone this weekend. In honor of our fallen heroes who lives gave birth to our country become the hero in this moment in history where they are seeming to be lacking. Lay down the judgments and stigmas, make a difference for someone needs it.


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