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It’s what we should do

Oh how different the world would look if we just opened our hearts just a little bit more. If we made room for one more sleeping bag around camp, offered up one more roasting stick to someone new to join us at the campfire. It would mean one less person would feel alone. One lessContinue reading “It’s what we should do”


Life is more than survival mode

But what could happen if you unplugged from that point of view, if you just gave yourself credit for your surroundings? You would then find yourself open and receptive to nature and the things she has to teach you. You could finally break the patterns that keep you returning to start. Just by simply saying to yourself I’ve gather enough firewood to get through the night.

Keeping your heart close

It’s the forward progress that your heart makes each day. That is where the bar is set, deep within inside of you. When you take those steps each day you must ask yourself did you truly carry your heart with you? The progress you think you made today. Did it truly bring your heart another step closer towards your people?

The fire making arts

Building a campfire is a pretty simple task now days. Considering of gathering a few logs, some lighter fluid, and a lighter. You douse the wood in accelerant and spark the match. When the fire reaches the right temperature the flames climb high, and you grab your favorite roasting stick. Then the s’mores and stories get passed around through the night.