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Getting back to the basics

We all have come from somewhere, which means we carry history with us. Both good and bad memories and events are stored within the pages of our life. So why run away from them? or even try to deny we lived through them. The purpose of a healing journey isn’t about washing them from the page. It’s about tapping into all of them to understand the nuts and bolts of how they shaped us. The path we are navigating is to distill the context, boil down all of that information into bite size chucks. Morales that we can use in many different ways as we walk.

What are the lessons those events were trying to teach us ? How can we use each of them to move forward ? I think every event in our lives can be used to anchor us. They all work in a way that seems to pull us back to the ground when our ego has caused us to drift too far from our values. Lets face it we are all guilty of allowing ourselves to get caught up in the flashy fancy aspects of life from time to time. When this happens we set ourselves up to experience that feeling of the sky falling in all around us.

Over the course of the past few months I’ve been riding this wave of successful ventures, both in my aspirations and personal life. In a way where I have been both meeting the challenges life brings my way, and in my mission of living true to my values. Still along this path something has been feeling a bit off. In just a few ways I have been either feeling this mix of unbalance and lack of unwillingness to chart into some unknown waters. Sure I’ve been swimming in uncharted water for many years now, but of late it’s been feeling like a lackluster effort on my part.

Because I’ve invested so much time and energy in getting to truly know myself over the last few years I was able to notice the imbalance going on within my soul. So following a rainy morning I headed out to reconnect with Mother Nature with a combination of fishing and meditation. I had to get back to the basics. Which meant plugging back into the wilderness to calm the mind. During the first few hours I was holding on to those unsteady feelings and thoughts. When it happened nature gave me the sign my soul was looking for. While reeling another large bluegill overhead flew one of the largest Cranes I have ever had the chance to lay eyes on.

This was nature’s way of telling me I need to flow the gust of the wind of change free of fear, for where I land will be bountiful. As represented by the fish on the end of my line. While the size of the fish I landed after the crane’s passing, was an indication that the landing point is only a resting point. I will be dropped off to nourish my soul and grow even further until the time I must venture onward.

So when you’re feeling stuck reach into the backpack for the most basic of tools. Because this is where the messages you need are stored.

flock of birds on brown grass field
Photo by Tina Nord on

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