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299. Amanda Kate on Kinesiology

Kinesiology amalgamates Eastern wisdom with Western science to facilitate energetic shifts that allow your body to heal itself from the inside out. Kinesiology works to release accumulated stresses from the body, expanding your awareness, removing limitations and propelling you forwards, allowing you to live your full expression of expansive vitality.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, safe and holistic healing modality which balances all aspects of the human body, mind and spirit. When the entire being is in balance, the body’s ability to heal itself is activated.

With the help of various balancing techniques, clients are able to increase their healthy perception of self and move into health and wellness from stress, dis-ease and fear. This gives them the ability to function from a place of freedom and choice with stronger, more nourishing relationships with self and others.


About Amanda 

Author of Divine. Messy. Human. A Spiritual Guide to Prioritising Internal Truth over External Influence, Kinesiologist, Mentor, Archetypal Life Coach, Mother, and more.
A recovering people-pleaser and self-flagellator, she walks the path straddling the Divine and Messy daily. Always growing, developing, and learning new ways of being to, hopefully, one day leave the Earth better than she found it.

Amanda Kate helps people to regain their vitality, smashing through their internal glass ceiling and limitations to find new levels of health, vitality, and abundance. She also works with business owners to increase their vibration and attract greater wealth and prosperity.


Amanda Kate

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