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276. Scott & Nancey Kiesling on authentic relationships

Scott & Nancy are life and relationship coaches, helping people to build an ultimate relationship
with themselves first, so they can have the relationships in their life they’ve always desired.
They use their unique method of adventure therapy to help people overcome their self-doubt
and fears and tap into their authenticity.
After two years of marriage, Scott was involved in an accidental explosion at work, resulting in a
brain injury, hearing loss, and vertigo. This drastically changed their life and the dynamic of their
relationship causing them to create innovative tools and strategies to keep their relationship
thriving and continue to create the life they dreamed to live. Today they share what they have
learned with others so they can help people develop unshakeable self-love, live their best life,
and have amazing relationships.
Scott & Nancy continue to build online courses, speak at corporate events, and host
esteem-building Adventure Therapy Retreats. They have multiplied their business by 10 fold in
the last year working with high-profile people such as supermodels, Hollywood actors/actresses,
doctors, lawyers, realtors, and entrepreneurs. They have appeared on multiple podcasts, and have
been featured on The List TV, Authority Magazine, and Wander Magazine, and Tony Robbins
recently announced that he’d recommend them as coaches because “they’ve lived it!”



Scott and Nancey

Fresh Cap

My Medic

Project Mindfully Outdoors


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