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Grip and grin moments

Those grip and grins don’t just snap their selfs, and life don’t just change on its own. Take on the adventure of this moment, no matter how it meets you. If your find yourself standing under the rain clouds of depression right now, grab your rain gear. Because those grip and grins won’t wait, but the storm will blow over. Just jump into the moment and catch the day’s treasures. Then pull out the camera, since it’ll be another trophy to add on the wall. Because one of those moments can spark the next fire when you need it.


This is the reason why

This building a little trust within yourself. Epictetus once talked about how important learning through experience is, so don’t hang your head of all those times you came away a just a little bit short or the one that got away. Instead look at for what it for what a truly was an experience you got live and pack the lessons that came with into your backpack for the time you get to put them into practice…..

Mental sparing meets opportunity

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – Seneca Thru out my travels there’s been one aspect of life I’ve found myself really wrestling with. After approaching this subject from every angle it’s something that still seems to remain an idea that is difficult to understand. Just how someone can allow themselves to becomeContinue reading “Mental sparing meets opportunity”