Reeling in purpose with Cam Steele

Which sets up our return episode perfectly. Because a little while back when I was doing research into finding new guest I came across someone very special. By bringing him off of the water and into camp for this conversation. I felt it would give this perspective that could be life changing. Which is why I’m so proud to have Cam Steel on the podcast.

The voice must lead you

Listen you have it’s only natural to face moments where it feels like you just can’t go on. You gotta understand and except that it’s going to happen. You can’t just beat yourself up over. Maybe you have just laid down and let the boulders roll right over you crushing you under the weight of their pressure. But that was then, and this is now. You have learned that you just can’t accept laying down any longer.

It’s what we should do

Oh how different the world would look if we just opened our hearts just a little bit more. If we made room for one more sleeping bag around camp, offered up one more roasting stick to someone new to join us at the campfire. It would mean one less person would feel alone. One lessContinue reading “It’s what we should do”

Keeping your heart close

It’s the forward progress that your heart makes each day. That is where the bar is set, deep within inside of you. When you take those steps each day you must ask yourself did you truly carry your heart with you? The progress you think you made today. Did it truly bring your heart another step closer towards your people?

Breath work

A personal example of this would be how I first got into in tune with my breathing. For me it came while looking through a scope or a peep sight staring at a pin set for 10 yards. Yes I’m describing my time as a youth learning how to shoot a firearm and a bow.

Outdoor healing with a sportsman

Which means you have pick a spot and tap into nature. There’s a little four word statement that we live by in the wildness, “stillness is the key”.

Father’s Day call to action

After all we are only human and we make mistakes too. We are of course dealing with our own baggage in real time, trying navigate so many through so many things without any sort of map.

Stop waiting

We saw another example of how life only guarantees the moment in which we are standing. All to often we guilt of saying, we are going to wait until tomorrow or even next week to really live. We put off the chance this moment to live life to its fullest. For what, why do all do this so often?