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Discernment comes from having boot on the ground

On a cold December morning is it to cold to hit the woods to stalk a whitetail. Of course that answer varies depending on who you. The same rings true about everything in the world around us. Along with any task in life the view on it with be different for each of us.

The wisdom is in the story

Our world was made based upon stories. Information that was passed down from generation to generation for the purpose of teaching. In this modern area those lessons can be accessed in so many different forms. We consume a vast amount of information everyday. That we must be mindful of where we gather all information from and what we allow to stick with us

Why an outdoor healing journey and how to get started

We all carry this book with us thought out our life. It’s pages are written one page at time. This makes up the life that live. The arch of that story is filled with its share ups and downs, it also is layered with it’s fair share of obstacles. Each and every page that is written not only stays with but also shapes the way navigate through the world.

Born for humanity

This episode is decided to both Kelly Hanson’s sister, my dear friend Earl Williams, all those countless comrades we have lost to soon, and all of those struggles with the decision. It’s for you that we set up camp and choose to touch base and check in with on a daily basis. You can and will get through this. We have in you.

The fire making arts

Building a campfire is a pretty simple task now days. Considering of gathering a few logs, some lighter fluid, and a lighter. You douse the wood in accelerant and spark the match. When the fire reaches the right temperature the flames climb high, and you grab your favorite roasting stick. Then the s’mores and stories get passed around through the night.

Ask yourself this question

It works the same in the everyday world too. You will encounter countless factors you can’t control. All you can do is gear yourself up to meet them in the best space you can. Still just like being out in the woods on a blew zero day in the middle of snow storm. To chase those birds you know will right where you want them. You have to go out there. Just like in life, you want to experience it to the fullest. Which means you gotta go out and live it regardless of what you encounter.

Outdoor healing with a sportsman

Which means you have pick a spot and tap into nature. There’s a little four word statement that we live by in the wildness, “stillness is the key”.