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Healing Guide and Author Mike Martin

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Mike Martin is an author and host of the podcast Project Mindfully Outdoors. He is also an avid sportsman. Who finds his soloist within the wilderness. No matter if Mike finds himself in the deer works, or a river bank, the connection with Mother Nature is his driving force behind the adventure.

In 2020, life handed Mike a handful of bad medicine. It became clear that he could no longer hide from his mental health struggles any longer. This perfect storm of life-changing events caused him to retreat into the wilderness.

Where he could tap into the unique skill set he had developed during his life. To begin to work through the depression and anxiety struggles that had plagued his life.

By leaning into the concepts behind the North American Wildlife Conservation Model, he found inspiration to meet his own personal challenges, and rebuild his life. Once Mike learned to combine the two major ideas that make up the model, conservation and stewardship, with finding a deeper connection with the wilderness. He found an inter power to take control of his life.

Body of work

Project Mindfully Outdoors– This is the base camp for Mike’s work. This project was started back in 2020, early on in his journey. When he began working with Cervid Nation. With the goal of bringing to light a subject that had a need to be approached within the outdoor space. Through his many articles and weekly podcast, Mike has become the voice of support within the outdoor community and beyond.

Letters from camp– This is a collection of guided meditations that are intended to aid in building a personal connection with mother nature. While sharing with the listener the wisdom to unlock the power within to move their life story forward.

The Stewart Saga- Is a collection of writings that breaks down the approach of employing conservation and stewardship to building yourself into the person you want to be. While providing a space for yourself to protect where you are currently at. And being able to reach into your past to correct the mistakes you may have made.

A prescription for reaching those goals – this is a piece that was featured in Vision Network Magazine. It provides an outside-of-the-box angle of how to climb over the mountain ranges that come along while we walk the trails of life. During this piece, I offer an invitation to look at the world through the eyes of the bear. Because there is so much wisdom to be gained and applied to lives from the bear’s wisdom.

Beware, but come back to the moment– This is a piece that was inspired while spending a day in the deer woods. Which takes a dive into the world of anxiety. By comparing the faces of anxiety to the place that the deer holds within the circle of nature. There are so many lessons that lay within her behavior that can free us from anxiety.

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Wednesday @ 830pm est on Facebook
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