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Ways to challenge yourself

The 52 Hike Challenge has become a global movement, but it started out in 2014 as a life-changing individual hiking challenge. It changed our life, but we couldn’t imagine the simple concept of hiking every week for one year would be so meaningful to so many others as well! Whether it be on mountain trails, local parks, or along the beach, we encourage you to experience all the adventures the challenge can take you on. The physical and emotional benefits will follow.

Mindfulness meditation practice leads to so many benefits

Many studies show that a regular mindfulness meditation practice leads to so many benefits. Here are a few (…). However, it is on an emotional level that I see the most benefits from living a mindful life. It is also the area where students tell me they experience the greatest and most noticeable changes.

Fuel your journey

We at TRUWILD know that creating products from the wild requires a commitment to the wild. Our all-natural products are produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and third-party testing to guarantee the highest quality. Not only are we dedicated to our customers, but we also respect our playground. That’s why TRUWILD products are proudly packed in the United States in a local cGMP facility in sunny Southern California.