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272. A melody from the field On Thursday we share with you some of the most important questions and ideas that come up along the journey. In an effort to give you the listener a little piece of inspiration to help you tackle whatever you may be going through. Links  Freshcap Save 10% on your order when you use promoContinue reading “272. A melody from the field”

271. Amrit Singh on self discovery Amrit Singh is a High Momentum Life Coach. Amerit uses techniques and strategies based on my extensive knowledge and experience in meditation, habit development, and spirituality. I have been coaching people for over 25 years in Germany, India, the USA, and Mexico. Links Amrit Singh Coaching Now Fresh Cap Use promo code PROJECTMINDFULLYOUTDOORS10 toContinue reading “271. Amrit Singh on self discovery”

269. The spring gooble An old familiar call fills the spring windows and brings the dawn of a brand new season of life and growth. But it also represents the final footsteps of another hunting season that was filled with adventure marching its way towards the dormant sea. That sound is of the spring gobbler as it singsContinue reading “269. The spring gooble”

268.Melanie Yates with some medicine for passion and relationships There are signs that inspired fear within man, yet they weave some of the most beautiful sights in nature. The spider. He walks one of the most misunderstood paths of any being on Earth.  For something so small and so fragile to hold such power that its mere presence can push man into aContinue reading “268.Melanie Yates with some medicine for passion and relationships”

266. Francisco de Novella on surviving trials And I want to start with one of my favorite quotes going forward with courage, when you are in doubt, be still and wait. When doubt no longer exists within you, then and only then, you find the courage to go forward. So long as the mist envelopes, you remain still. Be still untilContinue reading “266. Francisco de Novella on surviving trials”

265. The most beautiful thing in the world And most of the time, we don’t even realize that it’s really happening. And that holds true with how we transition from stage to stage. And life, really, or even how we experience, really, any given moment. We have this ability to shed layers of ourselves that are no longer fit for the environmentContinue reading “265. The most beautiful thing in the world”

264. A line drawn in Mississippi The hut was described many times over as one of the most grueling, strenuous, and outright down and dirty of the day. “I will be back with the bear” as Holt Collier. rode off with his pack of dogs. Only to return to find the log he left President Roosevelt sitting on empty.  WithContinue reading “264. A line drawn in Mississippi”