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250. The medicine of balance

There are moments in which we smile just like there are moments that we must cry. All of this comes and goes, the same as the storm blows through the peaks of the mountain inside each of us, these storms, sing to our will to win, just like they sing to our will to lose, bringing with them the thunders of both good and evil. It’s these storms that conjure up our will to live and our willingness to run away from life as well. While it’s true that we never asked to be born, we came on this journey on the same red road, carrying our path and the purpose that nature gave us, along with the trails that we must walk. So whether it’s under the warmth of the sun or the cold, chilly. Moonlit sky of night, we must find it inside to just keep going.



Aqua Tabs

Buck Knives

Project Mindfully Outdoors


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