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243. Page Park on the beauty with songs of grief

Well, and you are you can only make the music that you can make. Nobody else can do that for you. And 
it takes all of us making our own music to make a diverse community in a diverse world. And so by 
singing your song like Cloud did, even though it was sad. 1s You add to everything because he didn’t do 
what everybody else did. He struck out on his own. He created some music himself. He sang what 
his heart felt. And when we do that, we are true to ourselves and beautiful things begin to happen and life 
gets magical and unique and we can break away from those should molds and be that. 

Page Park is the grief yoga master. who used the power of yoga and breath to help her reconnect with herself.  After years of putting everyone else first, she discovered this through her own yoga journey.  When she added yoga asana (physical practice), meditation, and a gratitude journal things began to shift in her attitude and ability to handle anything that came her way.  Page took these tools and yoga teacher training learned through SoulWork to develop programs to help others.


Tulsi Rose Yoga

My Outdoor Tv

Cope Notes (use promo code PROJECTOUTDOORS to save 10%)

Mystery Tackle Box

To learn more


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