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Breaking camp and moving forward down the trail

It’s a very bitter sweet sort of space I am finding myself as I write this fine post here on wordpress. One that felt no eye catching image could really capture. As this is the final post from camp as I knew it.

But it’s not the end of Project Mindfully Outdoors my any means. It’s just time to move forward to the next phase of the journey. As I have moved to an all new location on the web to breath a new energy into the project. Going forward the camp of healing Project Mindfully Outdoors can be found at

I want to invite you to visit our new camp and sign up for updates. I look forward to interacting with you there and continuing to build our connection.

I really think you’ll enjoy the changes has I’ve made the leap towards bring a more interactive and engaging experience has I continue to serve each and everyone of my followers.

The podcast will still air every Wednesday on all the same great platforms. I will be leaving this site up in order to provide podcast updates. However all of the writings can be found on the new site

You can also have them delivered right to your inbox along with a lot more special content my joining the mailing list.

With the launch of the site i have also opened the door for one on one sessions. Which you can book your first call for free though the site.

So until next time my friends, get out there in the wild because that’s where the stillness and the adventure lays. I’ll see you soon on the new and improved


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