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Unwind the blanket statement

You know, when I look back at my own journey and try to hold gratitude in my heart for the whole story. It’s so simple to blanket the whole path with the statement, “I’m glad to be alive and experienced life. Because it’s made me who I am today..”

While that’s an important and powerful statement. Which we all should be able to say. Still, that statement feels a little too broad. It’s almost as if it allows a simple outlet to just skip the pages we didn’t enjoy.

It’s almost like reading the back sleeve of a new book. Then skimming for the pages that hold the excitement of the story and skip the rest.

Of course, you get to experience the thrill or learn the lesson the author intended for you to find. But by doing so you miss so much. That’s because every page of that book was put there to guide you along and prepare you for the good stuff.

The same goes for reflecting on your life with gratitude. Whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, it’s a page in your story. All of those pages add up to not only tell your story but to shape who you are in this every moment.

Just like how a book is built around an idea. It requires every single page to shape that plot.

We too are shaped around an idea and need every step of the path to shape us.

When you use this method to remember where you’ve been, it gives you a better idea of what will happen next.

As a whole, we wouldn’t appreciate the highs and lows of life if we didn’t understand the terms that bring them. In this new context, the words “high” and “low” take on a whole new meaning.

It will show you just how the circle truly works. In the midst of the rotation, harmony can’t be achieved with an equal amount of high and low moments.

This healthy balance of up and down, left and right is just the natural order of life. You can grow within both. If you allow yourself the space to be grateful and embrace whatever comes or as gone along the trail.


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