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Defining a mission of gratitude

It’s a mindset that you don’t learn with the pages of a book. It just simply grows within your heart. But, it’s effects are more powerful than you may ever know.

I’m speaking of the mindset. That goes beyond a simple smile, or thank you. The scents of true appreciation for not just the task someone may complete for you, or things they offer to your story or goal.

But, an authentic appreciation of the energy at work within everything that Mother Nature as placed at your fingertips in order to enrich your journey.

It’s not about what walk of life you come from. Or even what role you play with in movie of the human experience. The power to foster and enjoy this sort of appreciation lays within each one of us.

Learning to put yourself inside of this circle isn’t difficult to do. I warn you however that once you taste this medicine you may find you don’t know how you ever lived without.

Because simply put it applies to every moment of everyday. You’ll come to discover and appreciation for everything from the simplest of things, to the grandest of grip n grins.

I invite you take this challenge throughout the entire month of November. The month in which we give thanks for the year that was.

To expand that vision to the enter story that has been and the reality in which you walk.

This process starts small and grows has your reception of becoming mindfully grateful grows. As we build this into our own life’s it then will become our mission to lead then generation into a world gratitude as well.


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