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Fuel your journey

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Co Founder Zac Curhan

On Project Mindfully Outdoors the podcast

From The Wild, For The Wild

We use real ingredients to fuel your everyday activities.

TRUWILD uses high-quality, handcrafted ingredients from nature, not a lab. We are the trusted nutritional brand to keep you moving everyday.

Our all-natural, whole-food products are specifically formulated with no synthetic ingredients, fillers, dyes, or chemicals.

Go ahead and turn the wild into your personal playground.



We at TRUWILD know that creating products from the wild requires a commitment to the wild. Our all-natural products are produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and third-party testing to guarantee the highest quality. Not only are we dedicated to our customers, but we also respect our playground. That’s why TRUWILD products are proudly packed in the United States in a local cGMP facility in sunny Southern California.

Mike Favorites

Pre Work Workout

Motion $40.99



Shasta Insulated Bottle



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