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Think about this when reality has you scared

Does a shift in your reality bring with it a shaking in your knees?

So often it’s true when the perception of the world are us changes, our footing just don’t feel solid. There’s a trembling in our knees or our posture feels off.

Behind the face we show the world, it feels like we are just faking it until we make it. So often though the fake it part becomes so convincing. We even fool ourselves.

That it becomes almost impossible to even remember where we were trying to get to in the first place. This idea of what “making it” even looks like is no longer a part of the equation.

Why could anyone be guilty of letting this happen? It’s simple no one wants to ever be seen as weak. Looking like you are a walking construction sight, many times feels like your leaving yourself open. Open to the finger pointing. Or being the subject someone’s latest gossip.

Feeling as though you that wounded deer in the field. Who can feel the eyes of a hungry coyote sizing you up. Just laying on wait for that perfect moment in time to make you his next meal.

Or for many of us there’s a worst case scenario. Someone might notice and just could come up to you and ask, “are you ok?”.

Well here’s the thing which deep down you know to be true. You really are ok, your not the walking wounded, or the next meal. Nor are you a living sympathy project. Looking for someone to come along and solve all your problems.

The truth is your walking and growing into a new reality, a new chapter of your life. This growing process it’s something to celebrate and even to enjoy.

The journey isn’t one that should be hidden or muted. Sure no one wants to put their on display and that’s ok. Since after all it can be difficult.

What makes it more challenging is when you duck and doge everything about it. I’m not saying you can’t fight the process, I mean after all I still fight things here and there.

But it’s all about what you do these opportunities that determines how far you can go. When you practice the fake it till you make it. You’re holding yourself back.

During times like these in your life don’t become your worst enemy. Instead celebrate who your coming and what the world around you is shifting into. And above all else always allow your authentic voice to shine through.


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