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Celebration of Fall

October 2022 Newsletter

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  3. Podcast Happenings
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Let the hunt begin

Coming into this hunting season I really wanted to explore the spiritual mechanics of hunting. Because I thought that by pulling back the vale and the subject that is really a game of life and death.

Would provide those of you around camp who get turned off by the way this sport sometimes gets presented on social media, and stereotypical projection of hunting. With this series I could open you guys up the freedom that comes with heading out into the field on one of the most ancient acts in mother nature.

The act of hunting is about way more than just the act of harvesting animals for food. It’s an act of celebration and connection. When we engage in the hunt we are honoring not only the circle of life, but also ourselves.

You see every single time that you put your boots on the ground you are placing yourself into the hands of mother nature herself. Since you have no way of knowing what sort of tests she has in store for you. I know that some of the television presentations of hunting make it look simple. But I assure you it’s not that easy.

When you go there in that mindset I’m going to have to put in work for everything I earn on that trip it does something special to you. It brings with it a deep sense of gratitude. With those feelings you find a whole new vocabulary in which to write out the story of life. Your boots hit the ground for that first step they are holding the feet of one person. Yet when you return at the end of the hunt it has someone new. Who will celebrate every aspect of the journey and lessons gained.

Suggested Reading

Podcast Happenings

Last month saw the return of the Project Mindfully Outdoors podcast. It’s definitely great to be able to say that. After fighting off burnout flared after a lot of frustrations and figuring out all the upgrades that I have been working on bringing into the project.

In the past few months the website and the behind the scenes of the podcast have gone through their respective evolutions. I had to figure out how to employ them.

On the podcast front September saw us hit and blow past the big 200 episode mark. Running a schedule of seven episodes a week has been crazy to maintain but it has been so empowering to make it happen. As I offer the experiences I’m living and learning from. Both our community and the guests I get the chance to speak with are teaching and inspiring me. The circle of learning that the campfire and the platform provides has been amazing. If you haven’t had the chance to turn in, I would like to personally invite you to do so.

Suggested Listening

Sponsors News

For the month of September our camp gained its first title sponsor. came on board to sponsor a number of the podcast episodes.

BRoad out is an authority in the direct shipping of amazing camping gear right to your doorstep. When you visit the BRoadout website you can save 10% sitewide with promo code PROJECTOUTDOORS.

Right To Bear

In an upcoming episode of the podcast Perry Orth of Right to bear firearm insurance joins me to discuss the value of having firearm insurance.

For all us firearm owners it offers piece of mind. That if we ever find ourselves in any sort of situation regarding our firearms, it’s priceless to have the best available support in our corner.

Which is what Right to bear offers. No matter where you find in the United States professional world class counsel and respiration is just a phone call away. When you use the promo code PROJECTOUTDOORS you can save 10% off of that peace of mind that you cannot put a dollar value on. Plans start as low as just $11.00 a month. I would highly encourage you to put Right to bear to your corner.


Copenotes is still one of my favorite tools. Not only because they have been with us since the very beginning. But because the power of Copenotes is something that I have tested and proven to work.

The system is very simple first you visit their website to sign up. Then at different times of the day you’ll start receiving positive and helpful text messages right on your phone.

By working with Copenotes you are beginning to train your brain to become aware of your thought process. The tips and tricks these text messages offer help to teach you ways to shift your thought process and find ways to work through those unhealthy thoughts. Best of all it’s simple, reliable, and easy. I really think you’ll enjoy this tool and get some great results.

Just visit and use promo code PROJECTOUTDOORS to save 10% on all new subscriptions. So while you’re there you can also give a membership as a gift to your friends. They will thank you.

*terms and conditions along with stander text message rates apply

Suggested Websites


Nether one has to win

Warp up

I want to thank you for being a part of this growing community, and I wish you a happy and safe fall celebration. It’s been a privilege and honor to walk this journey with you. Here’s to the footprints that are now behind us and the ones we have to walk yet. Until next time we connect – Get Out There In The Wild,Because That Is Where The Stillness And Adventure Lays ! – Mike Martin


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