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A Celebration of life

When I look at the celebration that the first day of October brings with it. There always seems to some sort of underlining storyline that starts way before the old crossbow ever gets cocked and my boots hit the ground.

It’s like deeper search for meaning within something much larger than myself. This year is no different, however that meaning didn’t fully hit me until just other day. When I was stepping into my hunting headspace.

Considering the speed at which I had to put things together and deciding to hunt a regular old area. I first thought of course how you never step into the same river twice.

But then I looked deeper than that. I started thinking about much different reality looks for me. The things that have come and gone in such a short period of time.

Like in this weird way the theme of drifting has never been truer in my story. Now having the lest number of anchors or faces around me. It’s become this really weird space.

Like the few anchoring agents around me mean everything to me that I find this pull to stick things out and ride the winds what life throws at me with my feet dug in.

Still it leaves me in this realm where I’m discovering all of the changes and practices I’ve employed have really done something to me. When I think about how I would run and hide from life I now embrace it.

Which all brought me to realize what I’m truly celebrating. It’s not the act of the hunt it’s self. Though the tapping into the ancient act is so important to me. It’s the whole circle of the circle the celebration and the hunt. That are tied together and honoring this renewal of myself.

You know of the goal is harvest a deer to fill the freezer but it’s also about the connection with what the representations.

In all her guarded glory the doe herself stands for life and fertility. Which translates to me a has deserving of respect for the gifts of life and rebirth.

So given the state I began the morning of that final scout it was only fitting to walk up on a doe. Just 60 yards from the truck. To do so an not be noticed gave me the opportunity to hunker down and honor her by watching the show she put on.

For about 10 minutes I looked on has she grazed and went about her business before walking off. But to enjoy that process of a deer just being natural in the moment. Gave me the time to sit in the moment with her and put the story im living together.

I think it’s a gift when you are able to tie into nature and just feel the energy. Which is the fuel for celebration renewal, that life giving force that is so power in showing us that even with burdens around us we can still live change and create the space we desire.


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