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Lets address real questions with ideas this year

photo of a man in camouflage clothes aiming his firearm

Kicking 2022 hunt camp

black rifle with scope and brown gig bag
Photo by Alex Andrews on

As a hunter I am often asked a wide range of questions. Recently a question came up that really got me thinking.

The question that was posed to me was this. “What is the single most intimidating aspect of hunting for new hunters?”

Even though the list of challenges is a mile long. After a quick pause for thought. I realized that it all boils down to limiting beliefs.

close up shot of arrows
Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Of course everyone hits the field wide eyed and filled with hopes and dreams. Just like when you get ready to undertake any new experience. It’s when you hit the field that you encounter all the events that you didn’t expect to encounter that sends you back to the truck with your head down.

As I open up my own preseason hunting camp this is the focus. I want to shed some light upon how we as hunters can lean on all the resources out there today to move ourselves away from those limiting beliefs.

For us seasoned hunters it’s a call to reach back to the basics. For newer hunters it’s a chance to broaden your understanding and explore situations you may not have considered.

It’s going to serve as a way for all of us to make hunting much more enjoyable. By blending the idea of mindfulness and preparation.

a rifle aimed at a target
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

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