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If it hurts just throw it in the river

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Regret and sorrow they appear in many form within the story that each of us live. Whether it’s a long road we have had to walk with them, or just a few steps. There is one common thread.

The feelings they bring with them often linger. Their impression is one that we tend to carry with us. Long after the events from which they were born have passed.

Just because the power they seem to hold upon us seems to draw upon the emotions and feelings. In a way that leaves us unable to let go off.

There for causing us to walk day after day carrying the burdens that weigh us down. It’s has the key to unlock the ability to mentally release them is just out of reach.

On a bonus day out with my son these thoughts came to mind when visiting a Halloween shop. When he was excited to see this monster called The harvester of sorrow.

Why it was this event and not during the countless times of listening to one of my favorite Metallica songs of the same name. Baffles me and sort of makes me chuckle. Since it’s a line of thinking I’ve always been searching for.

Anyways while standing there with my son looking at this display a story I heard some years back came to mind.

This story was about a public bus drive. Who’s outright love of people caused him to carry about each person who entered his bus. Whether they were regulars or just happened upon his bus it didn’t matter.

He had this heartfelt belief of leaving each person he encountered in a better place then he found them.

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“I know each of you on this bus carrying something” he would say. “At the end of the day my route take me past the river. There is something I would like do for each of you. As you exit the bus I will be sitting here with my hand extended. It is my hope that you take those burdens off of your shoulders and place them in my hand.”

“Large or small, no matter what the it maybe that is bothering you. Allow me to take and drop them in the river for you. My wish it lighten your shoulders so your footsteps will begin to feel lighter.”

One by one the rides exited the bus leaving their sorrows and regrets in this mans hands and went about the their day.

skeleton of fish in frame on wall
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It was a visual transaction, nor was there some sort of magic at play. It was simply an art of play acting that made each rider visualize the act of letting go.

Which brought me back to the display my son and I were gawking at. While my level of understanding made this leap.

I was drawn to Native American practices of old. Seeing this same idea at work. Inside of the way connected to everything around them. It was in the name and honoring of everything around them. Gave them those same gifts.

While of course looking at presentation of a big scary monster to represent the harvester of sorrow. May not be the inviting representation. It’s inside of the idea that we can find space to lighten our shoulders.

How you find a way to connect with ether the harvester or the bus driver. It’s a challenge I invite you to undertake.

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