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The wisdom is in the story

wood road landscape mountains
wood road landscape mountains
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Our world was made based upon stories. Information that was passed down from generation to generation for the purpose of teaching. In this modern area those lessons can be accessed in so many different forms. We consume a vast amount of information everyday. That we must be mindful of where we gather all information from and what we allow to stick with us.

What’s more is that we almost be aware of the other form of storytelling we subjected to. The ones that we tell ourselves. The internal dialogue is one of the most power influences upon our story. It is also a one of the most fragile aspects of the human experience. Because it can be molded and shaped by not only stories we are told but the world around us.

This is why we must change the shape of the stories we feed our mind. Instead of soaking up all the fruitless information that is floating around today’s world. Allow the Curiosity of the past and ancient wisdom locked within the sands of time to enrich the stories you tell yourself.

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