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Born for humanity

two pink and gray camping chairs

Your character is decided by your reasoning and the judgements and the actions that you write down in the book of life. Not the actions of others.

This episode is decided to both Kelly Hanson’s sister, my dear friend Earl Williams, all those countless comrades we have lost to soon, and all of those struggles with the decision. It’s for you that we set up camp and choose to touch base and check in with on a daily basis. You can and will get through this. We have in you.

Hold on to the simple truths that lays within in those words as we breathe a breath of fresh life into Marcus’s words. He goes on to talk about how this alone should be cause for tolerance and kindness towards others, and how we shouldn’t hold on to the wrong doings of other for so long.

Because while our task in this life is a monumental one. We all come from different walks of life and are carry different backgrounds. This is what makes us so unique. All of the different forms of skills, abilities, and wisdom was thrown into this huge mixing bowl. Then tossed and turned, thrown about until ultimately you and I were poured out. Thus we were given our turn to contribute to hive of humanity.

For all of that greatness though we are not perfect beings. We all come with our faults and make mistakes because of them. After all no one is all knowing or perfect. Bare that in mind the next time someone dose wrong by you. Then put it into the perspective of just how short life truly is.

Recall the fact that most misdeeds are caused out of ignorance and just a part of the learning process. While resting in the knowledge of how the learning process is different for all of us.

I’m not saying you allow yourself to kicked around or mistreated. You have to judge each situation accordingly. Seneca tells us that threw out the writings he left behind. We must always be the judge, jury, and execution of the boundaries we set around us.

What I make of all these things is this. When faced with the acts and behaviors of someone, if you have committed yourself before the act you must allow your some space before the response. Not a just space to cool down and focus on cooler heads to prevail.

Instead employ that time and space to be the prosecuting attorney. By examining the big picture from ever angle. Of course every infringement triggers the flight or fight response in the moment. Yet, thats just one moment is a handful of moments. You can’t let their misdoings stop you cloud your decisions.

After all it’s your character the light is shining on. If you see that you can teach then teach. Response by laying the foundation that information and understanding can truly be reached. It’s within all of us to decide to choose how we meet each action that comes our way.

The action we can control. How we chose to exercise our character is. So focus on letting go of the impulse, look further down the road. Teach if you, but for your character’s shake chose to allow understand lead your judgment. Set an example for those who will come after you. Keep rising your own bar as you walk through the pages of your story and do the work of humanity.


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