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Breath work

woman standing by the bonfire

Not everyone can just say I’m going tap into the breath and do so. For most of us it take real work and dedication. It also bring with it the question of we are doing it wrong.

The self doubt often makes us give up, or never try at all. A lot of the time in the beginning we struggle because there no one to teach us or to provide that reassurance.

Well my goal with article is do both of those things. Well at the very lest to help you get started on the right track.

Before we go any further there’s something very important you must know. That secret is that there is no right or wrong way. What that means is your practice doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. Your practice is yours and it’s a deeply personal one. Which means it’s going to become what works best for you.

A personal example of this would be how I first got into in tune with my breathing. For me it came while looking through a scope or a peep sight staring at a pin set for 10 yards. Yes I’m describing my time as a youth learning how to shoot a firearm and a bow.

Over the years of honing those skills the few seconds of breath work became second nature for me. I learned in order to slow everything in those frantic filled few seconds you have to make your shot on a deer. You have to slow your breathing.

Yet when I was first beginning to build my meditation practice to sit still and focus on my breath, proved to the most foreign idea ever. I knew it was possible, after all those different zen masters do it so well. In fact they even make it look easy.

I felt like I can imagine your feeling right now. This stuff is hard and just to much. Well that was until I discovered this little trick. One the biggest hurdles I found was the all the distractions around me. No matter how much I tried something always pulled me away.

I started thinking what if was able to to trick my own attention span. By using that urge to form a thought to help. Instead of being reactive. I starting being proactive.

This little idea gave a cool opportunity to tap back into my musical roots too. Since after all breathing is all the rhythm. Music taught me how to put a number count to each pulse or beat of music I played.

The act of a breath is made of two motions or pulses. There’s the inhale which we will call “1”. Then there’s the exhale or “2”. It becomes a pattern that you count silently in your mind as you sit and breath.

Following this pattern will over the course of you session slow your thoughts and become your focus. While also removing the pressure from your shoulders.

The next time you sit down and try to tap in your breath and meditate let go of the expectations your putting on yourself. Then just close your eyes and give this a try.

Mike is now accepting clients to guide on their very own outdoor healing journey

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