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Stop waiting

Given the events around episode 153 Driving directs there’s something that is impossible to ignore. That is just how fragile life truly is and just how suddenly it can be gone.

One day we riding along in stride only to be given a life threatening diagnosis the next. Having to battle that illness until ultimately we take our last.

While it’s truly a brave and noble thing to turn that into final chapter into one that serves as both inspiration, and a reminder to those we will be leaving behind. That message is live each moment like it’s your last one in earth. Because it truly just might be.

That’s what Erec Lindberg spent the final decade of his story working so hard to do. Even in his epitaph it wasn’t the sadness of facing death, or the fact he will no long be with us. Instead his final wish was for us to draw upon his story and realize we all can have the things in life we want.

His work taught us how important it is to simply listen to that brilliant inter voice within each of us. To simply surrender to those pulls and nudges that we feel inside of us.

While that is a message that will serve each and every one of well to remember as we navigate our story. There’s so much more that Erec left us with. As he closed his eyes for his eternal slumber.

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We saw another example of how life only guarantees the moment in which we are standing. All to often we guilt of saying, we are going to wait until tomorrow or even next week to really live. We put off the chance this moment to live life to its fullest. For what, why do all do this so often?

Always telling ourselves we can do later. Because right now we are so warp up in work, or some other Madine task. Of course our family’s and passions mean so much to us. Yet, we just get trapped in this illusion that life comes with an abundance of time.

Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca, and countless other philosophers of stoicism and many other schools all wrote to remind us of this. It’s the natural order of things. From the moment of conception the sands of time being to slip away. Until that moment you breath your last.

We all know we are starting down that final moment, yet none of us truly know when it will strike. This grim truth leaves us standing in this unique space. Because it’s not written within us to just sit and wait for death to clam us.

It’s in our code to do something with the time we have. So often in meditations Marcus Aurelius reminds himself of the great leaders and thinkers that came before him achieved. Yet for all their greatness they too could not tame or cheat death.

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We can gather from his writings and other historical fact that Marcus suffered the same obstacles we all face. It was in those moments of depression, pain, frustration, and despair that he would question himself in order to make himself move forward.

We fear death because on the other side of the door we can no long do this? In that slumber we can no long put ourselves on hold swinging around in the melancholy moments that so often remove us from doing what is most important to us.

We must remember that we don’t have to wait until we get that diagnosis that makes our days limited. Where it becomes a race against time to get in all those great works we want to leave behind.

Instead we should remind ourselves of the diagnosis Seneca wrote. We all have a terminal disease that will take us at a time we do not know is coming. It just will.

There for stop putting of those things that define living our best life. Evaluate our priorities and live accounting. Balance your book of life now. That way when that moment strikes you will be at peace and leave behind a legacy as great as our friend Erec did.


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